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Thanks for your interest with vasimtamboli. As a guest post writer you can write on following subjects for us.
1. Technology : Mobile devices, Laptops, iPhone, Mobile Security, Apps & Gadgets etc.
2. Android : Android Apps, Games, Smartphones, Tips etc.
3. Blogging : Blogspot, Blogging Tips, Traffic Generation, Marketing etc.
4. WordPress : WordPress Tips,  Traffic Generation, Marketing etc.
5. Social Media : Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr News, Reviews etc,
6. Web Development, Design & Trends : SEO, Marketing, Web Trends, Design, HTML, CSS, Java, Web Hosting etc.
7. Tips & Tricks : How to install software’s, how to troubleshoot, windows errors, windows tips and tricks etc All kinds of top 10, top 10 apps to install, top 10 plugins you must have, top 10 people in the world etc.

Policy of Posting

1. Your articles must be written by you and the content must be unique, fresh and never published before. After Publishing it would be considered as a copyright to
2. We will allow you 1 backlink to your site, the site must be relevant to subject and goes to any post which provide more information on the subject of your article.
3. Article must be up to "600" words and it contains one or two images related to subject of article.
4. Regular and friendly writers can request permanent login details as a contributor.
5. We will never accept guest post with low quality content, less informative, too many and unsafe links, link to just simple And please always try to avoid long title. Make the Titles discriptive.
If you follow these instructions, we will 100% accept your guest post. To send article or ask for more information please contact us at guestpost[at]vasimtamboli[dot]com


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