25 December 2014

Knowing our High-tech Future : Galaxy S7

By Vasim
In this rapidly advancing world, how can our smart phone Technology lag behind!!! The world of smart phone is transforming at a very fast pace and another major transformation, oopps...!! Indeed major revolutionary transformation is in the row.

Yes, we are talking about the upcoming technology-Samsung Galaxy S7.

Hasn't it become a trend these days to welcome new technology every month due to rivalries between several smart phone manufacturing firms! Whereas it advantageous as we are getting multiplicity of options while choosing a smart phone for us but on the other side, availability of so many alternatives on the ground has made the task of picking the best smart phone for us very tedious.

So many firms are competing with each other to be the best innovator of the Tech world and Samsung has always proved itself to be the best or one of the best innovators in the Tech market.

This is the reason why Tech geeks always desperately wait for Samsung Smartphone and its rumors are always in the air long before its launch, even without any official announcement. Same is the case with Galaxy S7 on which Samsung is currently working.

The biggest question in Tech world these days is "HOW" Galaxy S7 going to revolutionize the Tech world.

Samsung Galaxy S7


Samsung has always pleased and surprised its lovers by being a technological innovator and has made an advanced move when all stand still. Lets how Samsung is going to surprise you this time :
  • NEW TREND OF RAM TO BE SET- Whereas as we all have noticed,3GB of RAM had become a commonality in 2014,we can expect a watershed in this trend and see 4GB of RAM setting up as a commonality. Yes! we are indirectly telling you that you are going to have a 4GB of RAM in GALAXY S7. Doesn't it sound cool !! We are sure it does as your all official work could now be done on your smart phone. No need to rely on your laptop anymore nor you need to carry it everywhere.
  • BETTER PROCESSOR - It is likely to get a better and faster processor in Samsung galaxy S7 as according to tech experts, you are going to see a 3.5GH processor which quick speed of work than ever before.
  • ENHANCED HARDWARE -In the upcoming smart phone galaxy S7,you are going to enjoy a 3D 4K resolution display with 5.2-5.5 inches of screen.
  • BATTERY - Good news for people who stay glued to their phones and can't stay away from their phones for long and slow charging is a problem for them. Samsung has chalked out a solution for them by providing them better and faster charging battery.
  • CAMERA- Now make your life more memorable with better picture clarity as Samsung is offering you a super high pixel clarity with 30MP rear camera and 10MP front facing camera.

Without any doubt, galaxy S7 is going to set new bars in Technological industry.

WHEN : Release Date and price

We know you must be waiting and this period of waiting must be a very harsh period for heart-core Samsung lovers but sadly you will have to wait for some more time..so be patient and wait till mid 2015 as per Samsung's regular release trend . We assure you the fruit is going to be really amazing. The price at which you can avail GALAXY S7 would not be less than Rs.57,000 - 60,000.But we think it's a fair price for the features S7 is giving.

So hold you excitement till mid 2015 and stay tuned for more updates!!
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3 Best Known Web Hosting Company in 2014

By Vasim
Without having any smart web hosting organization internet business cannot be beneficial. A web internet hosting server plays an important role in the expansion of any internet site. If you are considering your web site or web based business pay interest and do look at Yahoo and Google before buying web host service. Acquiring a respected web hosting service could be a little bit stressful, particularly when you fall under such kind of nations around the world where PayPal is not going to offer its service.

Mainly because PayPal perhaps the most well renowned and used payment portal on the internet and nearly every online group company accept fee by PayPal. So right in this particular article I am about to write about some web hosting provider who has a fine name as well as allow several online Payment sources.

web hosting

1. InMotion Hosting

2014 is the among the finest year for Inmotion web hosting. I started off using Inmotion hosting for a current year. Because par my own individual past experiences I can voice it out is actually worthy of investment and these people offer Good assistance to their customer with 99 % Uptime. If you are purchaser of Inmotion hosting and have high quality, targeted traffic blog you can acquire 12 months hosting which has no cost and simply by writing an honest review. The web hosting service taking 8 years experience with internet hosting and has been gained ranked web hosting organization by CNET. Inmotion offering controlled reseller web hosting plan that illustrates their skills in the business of  web hosting. Try Inmotion hosting at least one time.

2. Bluehost

In case you are a fan of WordPress and researching for special hosting service for the WordPress platform blue host be your initial top priority. Blue host delivers your never-ending storage and use really large class software. Bluehost present you 24/7 United states of America based customer service and his or her regular support maintain time is under 1 minute.. The company has a fairly simple panel for their potential customers. Auto Piece of software system installation for several platforms is options also readily available on blue host. Don't be concerned about transaction refund policy blue host provides you with Twenty eight days refund. The Endurance International Group received blue host in The 2010 season by paying out One hundred seventy plus million USA and to greatly improve his structure and support and service Endurance International Group contributed 15 million USA. Remember that it is Twelve years passed, blue host offer shared hosting to small enterprise keep in mind only host offer such type of hosting for a number of years. Bluehost traditional bills $6. 99 a month, but just for very short of time Bluehost provide shared hosting at $4. 99 per month. Mostly WordPress well-advised blue host for hosting WordPress hosting and this is why blue host has a relatively lot of WordPress individual.

3. HostGator

Host gator have taken 3rd selection in my this valuable review. It was created in a student's name is Brent Oxley in exactly in 2002.Host gator has been safely and effectively sponsored more than Seven million web site and registered 19,0000 domain name of numerous extension. HostGator developed working in India soon after 2012.The company is renowned for creating coupon code at the nearly regular monthly base as well it also help host gator to get fresh unique purchaser. The HostGator famous coupon is 1 cent and mostly internet marketing consultancy use this coupon because this coupon in addition offer $100 Google AdWords.
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22 December 2014

Leading 5 Websites to Watch Cricket

By Vasim
There is no doubt in the truth that cricket is a passion for a million of women and men around the globe and the internet is becoming one of the top options for watching this energetic hobby. Cricket is most played, renowned and health contest across the world due to its recognition a good number of cricket addicts explore live cricket around Google, Yahoo, Bing. This article enlists the top five crickets streaming online resources.There isn't any doubt in the fact that cricket is a passion for a million of people across the world and numerous folks like to watch cricket on the internet for some reason... You may watch your favorite game within the comfort of your bed, sofa or home. This really is wonderful for cricket peoples following buffering network also provide a Hi - definition and HQ quality buffering. So head to what website you will give preference to. Here are the prime five cricket streaming websites.

Live cricket streamig


Almost all of the users of online TV streaming are aware of this particular incredible website which provides streaming of a lot of stations for cost-free. It also offers highlights of cricket, short videos and even other entertaining shows like dramas, songs and movies. MYKhanTv is nonetheless constructed with the purpose to permit cricket streaming be accessible to as many people as possible. On one occasion it absolutely was a web but these days streaming is limited without this one.


On number second, is Cricpk. Well known in Pakistan and get 50% of its website visitor from the Pakistani places. Live action of cricket matches are also available having said that one problem with this site would it be plugs a lot of popup ads which a great number of users hate.


Webcric is on number 3rd as the terrific TV streaming website. Test it out for it doesn't matter you want to become familiar with your country team ICC ranking or another fact.


Crictime.com has a lot to offer apart from live cricket which is the reason it's among the primary sites for live cricket streaming. You can view results, fixtures, rankings and cricket updates all on this site.


On fifth is the espncricinfo A great deal of cricket Analyzer used ESPNinfo get cricket report and player profile. ESPNINFO must be your Initial selection if you currently have slow internet or are on the cell phone... I am hoping in upcoming days you won't need to worry about this problem. Check out all 5 and choose the one which you find convenient, user friendly and attractive.
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7 December 2014

How to Use Filters for E-mails

By Vasim
Once we open our email account, then we start using it everywhere. To show information from different websites, they ask you for your email id and many times we them too. Apart from that different companies get our email ids from other resources. So, it will cause to start the different type of mails into your inbox. Similarly, if we choose social network updates through email then all the update’s mails come to your inbox continuously.
Email Filter
Many times these emails are not worth, but they come to our inbox. Then delete these emails regularly or daily becomes task of our daily routine. To do this task Email Filter is the best option. To get free from deleting an un-important mail, just start using the filters.


If you use Gmail, then go to “Settings” in the right side where gear icon is present. Gmail's filters allow you to manage the flow of incoming messages. Using filters, you can automatically label, archive, delete, star, or forward your mail, even keep it out of Spam.

Step 1

Then it will open all the g-mail’s settings. On that click on “Filter” tab.

Then click on “Create a new filter” it opens a form window. Add a mail id which you want to get deleted automatically, into the “From” box and again click on “Create filter with this search“.

Step 3

Then you get a list of different options. In that click on “Delete it”.

Step 4

Then click again on “Create Filter”. That’s set. Now the mails coming from you entered email id will be getting deleted automatically. You don’t want to delete it.

Want to know abot How to Increase Speed of Computer just Click Here

If you get any problem with these steps, then please comment below. If you like this trick then please share it with your loved ones. Because “Sharing is Caring….!!!”

Happy Blogging…!!!
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2 December 2014

Smartphone App Development: iOS vs Android

By Vasim
You might have been studying various articles related to iOS vs Android, but in this article you are about to get lots of surprising and latest facts and figures in the single place.

There are two major smartphone operating systems iOS and Android. IOS is then developed by Apple Inc. while Android belongs to Google, the internet giant. Apple devices come in high price range, whereas android devices are available at low prices too, which makes it popular in developing countries which have low per capita income.

If we look at the popularity of these two, Out of 227 countries, iOS are the leader in 38 countries including US, UK, and developed nations while android is the global leader in 135 countries with a 80.2 % market share till Jan, 2014.

iOS applications are published on Apple iTunes and android apps are published at Google Play Store. Both app stores have the same process of publishing app, but with different fees and time. ITunes charges publishing fee of $99 for a year and approves applications within 1-2 weeks while Play Store charges only $25 annual fee and take approval time of 6-9 hrs. 

Till November 2014, there have been published more than 1.4 million android apps while more than 1.3 million iOS apps on iTunes.

There are lots more to know about android and iOS. You would know about eCommerce, mobile market, projected sales and revenue, developer’s point of view towards android and iOS, apps analysis and several other facts in the below infographic which you will find quite interesting.

Smartphone app development - iOS vs Android
Image courtesy: Nine Hertz

Author Bio:

Gaurav Sharma is a founder of Attrock.com & Antipull.com a Digital Marketing Manager at Nine Hertz and an Online Marketing-Tech Blogger.  He has expertise in SEO, ASO, PPC and other parts of Online Marketing fields. He is an enthusiast and love to explore new stuffs. 
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23 November 2014

How to Increase Speed of Computer

By Vasim
Speed Up

While working on the computer many times speed of the computer decreases. There are many reasons for this problem. But if we want to increase the speed of the computer there are many tricks available on the web. Let's try one trick which will definitely increase your computer's speed.



1. First open Notepad. Then in that type " FREEMEM=SPACE (64000) " as shown in bellow image.

Step 1

2. Then save this file as "FreeRAM.vbs" on the desktop.

Step 2

3. Now when your computer slows down just double click on this file and see the difference. You will feel that your computer's speed increased

4. That's it. Now use this file every time when you want to increase your computer's speed.

Want to know how to Boost Computer Start Up ?? Click Here

The speed of computer will be also be increased using Registry Cleaner. These types of softwares are freely available on the internet now a days. Carefully download that softwares and install on your computer. Also keeping CPU dust free, Deleting temporary file and cache regularly etc. Will also increases the speed of the computer. 

Happy Blogging...!!!
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21 November 2014

How to Make Magical Undeletable Folder

By Vasim
While working on PC the working file will be saved in any folder. For that we create new folders many times. But if by mistakenly PC affects with Virus and it deleted the working folder, then it causes a big loss for us. Similarly, if your PC is used by many other persons, then also by mistake they delete your working folder or it will be deleted by you too.  This unknown mistake will create a big issue for you. But we can resolve this mistake. In Windows we can create a folder which will be undeleted by anyone. In this folder we can store our important files. Create this folder on the drive where the Program Files folder is present.


1.First, click on START button and on the search bar type “Run”. Then it opens the Run Window, in that type “cmd” as shown in bellow image.

Step 1

2.Then it opens a Command Prompt Window. In that type “d:” so that you can go into the “D: drive”. See the image below for clear understanding.

Step 2

3.Now type “md con\” and press “Enter”. It creates con folder in your D: Drive. You get the clear idea by below image.

Step 3

4.No one can delete this folder nor change the folder name. So all the important files and data you can store in this folder securely. If you try to delete this folder, then it will show error as shown in below image.

Step 4

5.If you want to delete this folder, then go to “Run” then open “Command Prompt Window” and then change drive to D: drive. After that just type “rd con\” and press “Enter” as shown in below image.

Step 5

6.Now you can see that the magical folder is disappearing from your D: drive.

Let’s enjoy with this trick. Comment your valuable opinion.
Happy Blogging….!!!
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15 November 2014

Boost Your Computer Startup

By Vasim
Hello friends... When we start our PC or Laptop everyone wants that it will start immediately; but this process is depends on many other processes. It will depends on how much applications are present in start up. If on desktop in property bar there have many applications then PC will takes time to start up.

Take a look at :  How to Boost Up Start Menu

Start up must have less no. of applications. So that computer will start within a minutes. But how to check that how much applications are present in start up?
Here I will show you how to check the no. of applications present in start up and by removing these application how the PC will start with fast speed.


1. Click on Start Menu then in search bar type as “Run”, then it opens Run Window as I shown in below image. Just type “msconfig” in that and click on “OK” button.

2. Then it will open the window as “System Configuration” as shown in bellow image. You will see different tabs are present in that. Just click on “Start up” tab present in the second last option in tab list.

3. Then it will show you the list of applications present at the computer’s start up. Just remove the tick present in front of the application which is unnecessary, as shown in below image. Then click on “OK” button.

4. After that it will ask you to restart computer immediately or later. Just click on “Restart” and see the magic. Your computer will start up with fast speed.

Enjoy with this trick guys…!!!
Happy Blogging…!!!
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Advantages of Android Technology, Discovery of Computer Tricks and Many More

By Vasim 5 Comments


There is no doubt that nowadays a huge amount of people gets interested in contemporary advancements of technology and want to know all the news regarding technologies and also all the related innovations in this sphere. Fortunately with help of vasimtamboli.com you can receive the amazing opportunity to discover all the latest updates about Android Technology, get full access to various computer tricks and tips as well as check out overview of Blogger and WordPress.


Blogger vs WordPress

Let’s discuss first of all the difference between blogger and WordPress. In case of WordPress you own your site, while in case of blogger you rent it. Blogger takes the full responsibility for maintenance, while in case of WordPress you are the one, who is responsible for maintenance, spam protection, security, backup etc. WordPress owners register their own domain name and have to pay for it (around $13 per year), while blogger can use his own pre-registered domain name. WordPress requires hosting and receives unlimited space at domain, while blogger has got only 1GB of free space. However blogger still can connect to Google+ account in order to receive more space. WordPress owner has a full freedom to customize and edit, as well as wide range of design selections, while blogger is limited to templates only and doesn’t have FTP access. WordPress has got thousands of plugins included, while blogger can enjoy only a short list of standard gadgets. Besides that WordPress owner is free to select or deactivate banners ads, affiliate links and others, while blogger is bonded with ads and integrated with Google. From here you can already make your own decision, whether you want to run your own blog or WordPress.

Computer Tricks and Tips

Besides that at vasimtamboli.com you can learn a lot of computer tricks and tips, which will make your life way easier and will even save some of your time and money! Likewise you can discover such useful information as: highest free recharge paying website with free calls and SMS with 460 characters, how to use WhatsApp on PC, 3 useful Android apps for blogger, how to use Android apps on PC, how to avoid being marked as spam and others. This is only a short list of everything that you are about to discover in this section. Hereby it becomes pretty obvious that with help of vasimtamboli.com you will be able to change your life to a better side, receive a lot of the latest updates in computer technologies as well as enjoy the huge amount of useful information in sphere of IT technologies and not only!


It is not a secret for anyone that Android has totally conquered the world. The majority of people are using devices powered by Android and their number keeps increasing from day to day. Hereby it will be definitely very useful to discover all the pros and cons of Android, as well as get the detailed view at all the tips that will surely serve as assistance in using Android devices. Likewise you will be able to utilize your android devices with 100% efficiency, which is, of course, very crucial to any end user.

Tools and tips

Have you ever wanted to save a video that you have watched on YouTube? I guess, this question is very important to a huge amount of people. Well, with help of vasimtamboli.com you will discover the best way to get it done as well as tools, which will be useful for you. Besides that you can also find top 10 PC programs everyone should have, how to earn $1500 with just sign up, and online video tools to create free resume or make video and many more.
Likewise you can also find a lot of other important information of this author at essaypro.com and it will definitely benefit you without any doubt!
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12 November 2014

How to Block Candy Crush Saga Request in Facebook

By Vasim 2 Comments
Hello Friends, we use Facebook as we get free time from our work. In that we play different type of games like Candy Crush Saga. While playing these games, at the start or meanwhile they ask you to invite your friends to play the game. As we want to play the game, we just go through it and invite all the friends. And due to this your friend gets invite of Candy Crush Saga Game. Nowadays the invites are increasing very much. So it’s become a headache for the user who got that notifications. So here I will show you that how to block all the notifications of Candy Crush Saga Game from your friends permanently.


1. Just go to your ‘Settings’ from the account tab as given in bellow image.
Step 1

2. Then click on ‘Notifications’. It will display you the Notifications Setting as mentioned in bellow image.
Step 2
3. Then in that click on “Edit” present in front of ‘App requests and activity’. Then it will show you the list of different apps which you will added to your account. Bellow you get the clear idea.
Step 3

4. Now in that list find the app named “Candy Crush Saga” and remove tick [v] present in front of that name as shown in bellow image.
Step 4

5. Now click on “Close” button as shown in below picture. And that’s it, you were now successfully blocked the Candy Crush Saga Notifications Permanently.
Step 5

Using this method you can also block other unwanted apps notifications.
Take a look at How to make Facebook Safe

Happy Blogging…!!!
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11 November 2014

How to Boost Up Start Menu

By Vasim
Now a days everyone is using his Laptop/PC for his day to day work. But everyone doesn’t know that using some simple tricks we can improve our computer's speed. When we click on “Start” Menu it takes some time to load all the applications. We always wait for loading this menu. Here I give you a simple trick so that your Start Menu will open within a second after you click on it. Let’s start the bellow steps to increase the speed of the Start Menu.


1. Click on “START” button on your desktop, and type “Run” in the search bar as mentioned in bellow image.

Step 1

2. Then it opens Run window. In that type “regedit” as mentioned in the bellow image.

Step 2

3. After that click on “OK” button. Then it opens a new window as ‘Registry Editor’ as mentioned in bellow image.

Step 3

4. After that click on ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER’. Then in that click on “Control Panel” and again in that click on “Desktop” as mentioned in bellow image.

Step 4

5. Now you can see a list of different names. From that list, select “MenuShowDelay” option and double click on that option as mentioned in bellow image.

Step 5

6. After that it opens a new window called Edit String. In that set old value “200” to “0” as given in bellow image. Then click on “OK” button.

Step 6

That’s it, now click on your Start Menu you see that the speed is increased.

Happy Blogging.
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9 November 2014

Infographic: What are The Steps for Choosing a Domain Name

By Vasim 4 Comments

Domain Name

In all areas of your business for your blog, you put efforts into the decisions you make, and when it comes to your domain name,it is key for your business. Choosing a good name is one of the most important things you can do for blog. Whether you use your company's name or a different name when you set up your website, you have to take many things into consideration.

For your blog any trademarks, logos, and images that are a part of your blogging category and marketing scheme should be considered when choosing your domain name, and understanding the importance of the extension i.e. .com, .net, .org, or another option

It is helpful to have actionable steps to follow in order to arrive at the result you want. Bellow is an infographic that will help you to understand the complexities of choosing a domain name in a simple understandable format.
 How to Choose a Domain Name [Infographic] by Who Is Hosting This: The Blog
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Blogger vs WordPress Which is Best

By Vasim

Blogger and WordPress are the leading a couple of writing a blog websites perhaps now. You will discover thousands of articles or blog posts on-line using the topic WordPress compared to Blogger and 90% chances are that might be WordPress as the winner nevertheless as being a ex - finest writing a blog program, Blogger even now holders a possibility at the summit writing a blog program plus the incredible alterations it can be generating only contributes a lot more probabilities for it.

Blogger compared to WordPress!

Blogger may defeat WordPress and When i don’t feel there's any kind of uncertainty as. Blogger, in a few jobs, is preferable to WordPress and that’s what When i within this site submit. Below When i existing people, Blogger compared to WordPress: Exactly why Blogger is way better!

Simple to use User interface

In the event possibly you have applied this many new Blogger pattern, I would possibly be stunned in the event you pick WordPress’ interface preceding it. The most recent interface carries a beneficial shade structure and it's rather faster versus WordPress interface. Blogger features decided on an excellent blend of shade structure using orange and white, this interface lures in customers. This velocity of the interface is usually beneficial and doesn’t maintain people waiting around for years.

Free of charge

Blogger presents all the solutions free. Anything they give you will get it without cost not like WordPress which requires web hosting service and area which you might receive without cost nevertheless no cost web hosting service isn't trust worthy and no cost domains for instance company. closed circuit isn't stated about The search engines. You could possibly look at some other no cost area but you wouldn't normally receive a lot merchandise since you can using domains for instance. com,. world wide web, and so forth.

Register Many Blogs

By using Blogger, you might be obtaining all no cost so you definitely wish a lot more which you might skip at WordPress since you will have to spend on everything you want to add. In Blogger, it is possible to enroll numerous websites beneath one consideration. Although it isn't proposed that you simply develop lots of websites which is to be tough that you should deal with nevertheless for anyone who is curious it is possible to develop a few them and remedy your own producing requirements.

The search engines

The search engines is doing everything possible to create Blogger a highly regarded writing a blog program and they also got perhaps been successful when nevertheless WordPress overcome them and since that time WordPress has become with top. But, what I am while using the indicate which The search engines had been the reason why which Blogger when started to be the top writing a blog program and The search engines has the chance to ensure it is the top writing a blog program again. 

Last Words

Nicely, I really think that Blogger may get next to WordPress. Granted preceding were only some reasons why Blogger is preferable to WordPress nevertheless there needs to be a lot more. Many of us would have to lose time waiting for The search engines to create a lot more changes in Blogger given it genuinely holders an opportunity to be able to the top, I know which someday it is going to.
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Download YouTube Videos Online

By Vasim
Here are some websites which provide us facility to download the YouTube videos online. Just check it out.

1. ClipConverter:

Clip Converter is a free online media transformation requisition, which permits you to record, change over and download about any sound or film URL to normal arrangements. Right now upheld administrations: Direct Download, YouTube (HQ and HD), Dailymotion (HQ) and numerous more. This free and quick converter permits you to watch your top choice YouTube movies on your phone, PSP, iPhone or about any viable unit. 
Instructions to change over and download a YouTube motion picture: 
1. Paste your YouTube URL at 'Media URL' and press Continue. 

2. Select the organization and the choices for the change. The default alternatives are for most films a great setting. 

3. Press the "Start" button at the base to begin the download. 

4. This may take numerous minutes. After the transformation is finalized you can download the changed over index.

2. KeepVid:

KeepVid  is perfect site with all standard programs and permits clients to download movies from Youtube, Metacafe, and others. It likewise furnishes an assortment of organizations and quality choices to look over. 

Instructions to download a YouTube video:

1. Paste your YouTube URL at the box and press Download.

2. You need a Java Applet which had to be installed on your computer.

3. Then download the video in your favorite extension as .flv, .avi etc and in HD also.

3. Deturl:

Do you have a top pick YouTube melody or video that you'd jump at the chance to download?  Certainly you wouldn't be distant from everyone else provided that you do, and Deturl could have the ability to tackle that issue for you. Deturl is a free online administration that will furnish a downloadable connection for almost any YouTube film. 
If bit-torrents are obstructed at your area or out and out sound dangerous, Deturl could be an incredible approach to uncover the music you are searching for.

The excellence about  straight forwardness is its convenience being that Deturl is a web provision and obliges nothing be instituted and chips away at most web foreheads.

Want to convert your MP3 song to instrumental just check out here: Click Here
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6 November 2014

Promotional Pens: What Good Will It Bring Your Business?

By Vasim
You may have seen promotional pens already and you may have considered what good will it bring to your business? Well if you listen to all the people and all the reviews out there, you may have thought of promotional pens as useless and worthless. The thing is, there are some truth to it and you want to consider some things before truly jumping in. however, the thing is, you can always avoid these mistakes and truly manage to give out real promotional pens that could matter in the lives of your customers and prospects.

The question is how to do it. Here are of the things to consider in order for you to fully give something good to bring your business. If you want to build through the right business, you may have to consider the right products that work.

Sometimes, all you have to do is to focus on real items and I am not saying that promotional pens are not real items. But if you have to think about it, there are a lot of business gifts to choose from too. The primary benefit of having promotional pens however is that they are so cheap and they may be worth every buck of your money.

So let us go ahead and focus on one primary aspect of promotional pens and that is they are cheap.

Promotional Pens

Cheap is enticing

Cheap business gifts are indeed enticing. They could help you get started with your campaign just by offering something really cheap. You do not have t rory about risks for now since you are not spending much anyway.

With this mind set, most people fail. Why? It is because they think they can cheat the system by offering something really cheap. This is why, most people fail at doing promotional pens for marketing today.

However, it is not the end of the world and it does not really mean that promotional pens wont do any good for you. Instead, you just have to focus on real products that work. So that brings us to how to make promotional pens work?

Working Promotional pens

Obviously you will have to focus on quality. A cheap promotional pen will only last for a day or two with their writing benefits. However, you will make sure that the quality of your pens are those that could last for weeks or even months. With this said, you have to figure out a way to supply such quality promotional pens to your client.

The solution to this is quite easy actually. You just go for suppliers that are able to provide you with outstanding quality for a cheaper or affordable price. Make sure you have chosen a supplier that gives out their samples. You definitely need to see their samples and test the products yourself to consider them.

Furthermore, you also have to consider not just the quality but also the appearance of the product. This brings us to our next point which is the customization.

Customized promotional pens rocks!

If you offer a promotional pen that is truly customized with good design and full style that anyone could use, then you have yourself a wonderful product that could work for your brand. It is quite easy actually. Just be consistent with your style and make sure you clearly put in your brand name and logo. Sometimes, being artsy about this will definitely win you some customers.

The combination of beauty and quality can’t be easily resisted. People can see this and will definitely love to try what else you have to offer. These promotional pens will work for you if you make sure they work. So go ahead and check out some ways to truly improve your products and fully give a product that is worth the time and energy of your clients!

This is how business gifts work and this is how to market a promotional pens to make it something good for your company!
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2 November 2014

Highest Free Recharge Paying Site with Free Calls and 460 Characters SMS

By Vasim
Hello World, You all have Internet and thats why you are here reading. Want to make some easy money online, here I have a great tip for you. For earning little cash, we need to do lot work, however I got a useful website for Free Mobile Recharge. Many websites provide you Free Mobile Recharge by doing some task but its quite long procedure and in return you get just a little of it. But there is a way out for you, and is ‘fcall.in‘ providing you recharge for doing simple online tasks and pays more, comparing other website.
fcall.in Logo

How much you will earn?

You are surely going to shock after reading the following offers. So Go On read it !!!

You will get 2 paisa for sending each Free SMS. So its most amazing feature that u can get balance by sending SMS to your friends!!! ( Stop Whatsapping and Facebook – Get back to SMS even that for FREE which in return going to give you free mobile recharge)

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1 November 2014

How to Delete File Permanently With Soft Delete

By Vasim
Hello world, in day today life while we use our PC or laptop we store our data as we need. As of need we delete the files. The deleted files are usually moved to “Recycle Bin” of our PC. If we do not delete (called Soft Delete) files from Recycle Bin then it will remains as it is. If we use “Shift Delete” (called Hard Delete) then it will deleted permanently and it will not sent to Recycle Bin. But if we use Delete and we want that file delete permanently (without using Shift Delete) without moving file to the Recycle Bin then there is also a facility available for this. Use the following steps for availing this facility on your PC or Laptop.


1.    On desktop there will be present “Recycle Bin” icon. Just Right Click on that icon and select “Properties” in the list.

Image 1

2.    Then following window opens at your desktop. Select the Drive which you want to add this facility.

Image 2

3.    Then select “Don’t move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted” this option.

Image 3

4.    After that click on “Apply” button and finally click on “OK” button. That’s it. You have now successfully upgraded the facility on your PC or Laptop.

Image 4

5.    Now if you delete any data from your Local Drive (C:) then it will not go to the Recycle Bin; it will be deleted permanently. Of course this option sometimes may be dangerous. So be careful after applying this option to your PC or Laptop.

6.    Do this procedure for other drives like Local drive (D:) , Local drive (E:) and Local drive (F:)  for applying this facility.

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