16 January 2014

Infographic : The Mobile Landscape of 2014

By Vasim
Here we vasimtamboli.com provides you the infographic of "The Mobile Landscape of 2014". It gives information about 25 mobile statistics that will drive the future of Mobile Marketing.

2014 Marketing Statistics Infographic
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12 January 2014

11 Trending Essential Website Designs

By Vasim
Some websites trend because they are very popular, and others trend because they employ some new or popular techniques that are big at the moment. Here are eleven minimalist designs that are trending very well at the moment. For some of them it is because they have employed a very good web design technique, and for others it is because they have taken a new and attractive slant on the minimalist idea. All of them are trending well at the moment.

1. BLT Brands

This is a very nice website for the fact that it has a very good image to start with. It has layers with make it more energetic, and it even has a hand that shows you where to scroll. The pretty picture is probably the biggest draw for most people. Others may simply enjoy the fact that they have mixed intricacy and simplicity so well.

2. Ink and Spindle

This is a web store that has a very nice home page. The website works with scrolling pages, but also has quite a few trending ideas on it. You may enjoy its dynamic photography, and its responsive movement. It is a sophisticated website design that many people enjoy and find fascinating at the moment.

3. Oxydo

They have used a minimalist design on this website, even though it has a picture of a guy on it. It is all about how the eye is forced to look either at the guy, or the skewered logo in the middle. The skewered logo is actually a little hard to see, which may be why the idea works so well. You are drawn to the logo because it is harder to see.

4. We Are Moving Things

You may love this design and you may hate it. The website design has been taken down to a very flat and minimalist feel. It uses bold colors and white text in order to make its point. Some say that they have put a lot of movement into what is both a flat and minimalist design. The movement that you see is literal animation.

5. David Breustedt

This is a website that is made up of colorful blocks. It may not be to everybody’s taste, and may have a touch too much of the modern artist feel about it, but still it is very popular at the moment. It is blocks of color with simple images in the middle with a sort of post modern feel about it.

6. Name That Uniform

This is a very flat and fairly simple design that many people enjoy. It has a background that is all grey, and then has an image in the middle. The title is at the top in black, and it has a very simple premise behind the website that lends itself very well to the design. It is a well designed website.

7. Grafik

This is a website design from a design studio. It is nice how they have balanced contrast and still paid a lot of attention to detail. The oversized layout and the funky way it is layered is rather good. It has chunky contrasts whilst also featuring delicate lines that you can enjoy. The way they have arranged their text boxes is also good.

8. The Mobile Index

A website that continually scrolls is another trend that is going around right now, and this website does it quite well. It is still a minimalist website, but it has a nice continuity of design that has won it a few points with its online reputation. It has created a nice intriguing effect on the website.

9. Instnt

This is a website that has really gone for the minimalist thing by having most of the website home page as white and pastel colors. This makes the logo and the home page title a little clearer, as it is in black. The logo on the website will respond to how you move your mouse cursor around the screen, which makes it all the more pretty.

10. Gigantic Squid

This is a website that has used a very large picture as the base of its website design. It shows a large cargo ship at sea, with a tagline about seeing the gigantic squid. The company uses imagery such as this in most of their designs in order to create a loud impact in a quiet way.

11. Minimal Music Quiz

This is a rather complex idea that has been put into a website that is minimalist. The way that they have done it is very clever, and goes to show how the complex may be hidden behind minimalist design. The minimalist website focuses on the aesthetic of the website, whilst the imagery is quite nice too.

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The article was provided by Sonia Jackson who writes for http://www.cool-essays.com. She answers all your questions about writing and editing.
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8 January 2014

Keyboard Spills Cleaning Guidelines

By Vasim
Spilling things on keyboards is one of the most common accidents that occur to computer and its components. It is a nasty and sticky situation that usually ends in replacing your current keyboard with a new one. But don’t give up on your keyboard! There is hope. You can find a way to fix the problem, but you need a little faith, patience and… cleaning guidelines!

Patience and faith are up to you; as for the cleaning guidelines, you can count on us! Here we provide for you a few steps that will guide you through the cleaning process of keyboard spills. Just stay with us!

Now… let’s get started

Almost everybody faces the keyboard-spills situation and if it hasn’t happened to you yet, sooner or later your time will come! So be prepared! Read our tips to cleaning spills and make sure you preserve your keyboard for as long as you can.

We know that you may be tempted to buy a new keyboard at first, but wait! Your keyboard might still be working! Just because you spilled some coffee over the item does not mean you should throw it away. Give it a wash as soon as the spill occurs.

The problem with spilling liquids on keyboards is that they get in between the keys and cause a lot of damage, which can be defined as “not working buttons”. In a word, when you are typing, letters don’t seem to show up on the screen. This may be the moment when you decide to screw the machine and get a new one as you don’t want to waste time and effort cleaning. It surely is going to take some time, okay, lots of time and effort, but it’s worth the try.

As a starter, make sure you unplug the keyboard. In order to get things done, you need to disassemble it. You may have to remove the keys. This will ensure that no remaining liquid will damage the machine from inside.

Unscrewing the keyboard may take some time, as it has a number of screws that hold all parts together. When you are done disassembling the gadget, wipe down each piece individually and lay it down on a dry towel. Mop every single drop! Once you go over all the parts, let them dry for a couple of days just to be sure that every drop of water is gone forever.

CAUTION! Before you start removing the keys, one by one, take a picture of them. It will help you get things in the right order when you are ready to reassemble the keys.

When you remove the keys, take a cotton swab and wipe down the key sockets using distilled water. After that let them dry. When sufficient time has passed, put the buttons back into place.

Now that you are able to use your keyboard again, just try typing something to ensure that it works properly. If this is not the case, clean the keyboard one more time.

If what you spilled on the keyboard isn’t too much of a concern and you believe not much of it or none at all got inside the keyboard, then you can restrain from disassembling the gadget.

Just take the keyboard over the sink and shake it to remove any liquid that might have stuck inside. Turn the machine upside down. After that wipe down with a dry cloth. When you are done, lay the keyboard on a towel to let dry completely. It has to be turned upside down. You can also use a hair dryer to blow the surface and the space between buttons. It may take a few days until you are able to use your keyboard again.

If after doing all this your keyboard still doesn’t function well, you can go for purchasing another one. But at least you have tried!

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Like every tech geek Rose Finchley put a lot of effort into maintaining her gadgets. As a part of the team of http://www.shinylondon.co.uk/deep-cleaning-finsbury-park-n4/ she has experience in cleaning.
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5 Effective Tips to Tackle Duplicate Content Issues

By Vasim 2 Comments
duplicate content

Duplicate content is a problem because search engines will tend to punish you for it. They do not want people using the same content because it makes their search engine results less useful. If people are clicking on their search engine results and finding the same text then people are going to stop using that search engine. Duplicate content may come about for a number of reasons, so here are a few tips to help you avoid or recover from search engine penalizations.

1. Check the type of duplicate content you have

Locating and figuring out what type of duplicate content you have is imperative. There is the type where people have copied your content, but it is also possible that you have copied the work of another (knowingly or not). There are many bugs that may cause your website to have duplicate content, and there are things such as boilerplate text that are also classed as duplicate content.

2. Try to remove it from the other domains

This means going to the other domains and asking them to cease and desist. Start out in a friendly manner for two reasons. The first is because the website you are about to contact will probably take down the duplicate content the second you make them aware that it is duplicate content.

The second reason is because most web masters are not the ones copying your work. Usually it is the writers they employ that have stolen your content. There are ways of getting around plagiarism detectors. If you go in all angry then the web master will probably react with anger at both you and the writer they employed.

3. Fix any bugs that may be causing such a problem

There are quite a few commonly seen bugs that will create duplicate content problems. The most common involves printer friendly malfunctions. This is where the printer friendly pages are set out incorrectly and it looks as if you are mirroring your own content on your own website. This is still classed as duplicate content and your website will be penalized for it.

You should do bug check on a regular occasion. They often appear through many page refreshes and updates. After a while you end up accidentally creating bugs and there are quite a few that end up looking like duplicate content.

4. Use "noindex, follow" to stop content being indexed

This is a method you may use to stop Google from crawling your content and indexing it on the search engine. If you have content on your website that you know is plagiarized then add in the “noindex, follow” code and it will not be indexed. This will stop you from being penalized by Google.

5. Be wary of your boilerplate content

This is content such as copyright notices and tag lines. Many people put terms and conditions or copyright notices at some point on their page. They are okay in moderation or if they are only small pieces of text (such as the copyright word and date), but any larger and they are classed as duplicate content. The most prevalent is the logo and tag line.

A lot of people will put their logo on every page and follow it with their tag line. If you are planning on doing this then write your tag line on the home page or the about us page and then every time it appears make sure it is within an image. If you put your tag line into an image and then place it besides or under your logo then nobody will know the difference (it should look the same). However, the search engine cannot read the tag line if it is on an image so you will avoid the duplicate content penalty.
No duplicate content

Item descriptions are another place where content is duplicated. Firstly, do not ever use the manufacturer’s descriptions because they are already online. Secondly, you either need to write a whole new description for each item or you need to find a way of getting similar items on one page.

Amazon and EBay have gotten around this by allowing people to click drop down menus to pick size, color, shape, etc. It allows the seller to put all of the details onto one page and sell directly from there. It means they do not have to write out hundreds of different web page content snippets. It saves time and is still search engine friendly where Google and the Bing/Yahoo search engines are concerned.

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My name is Sonia Jackson. I write for http://www.royal-essay.com that provides well-written and quality essays and research papers for college and university students.
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4 January 2014

Android Applications Writers Must Install on Their Phone

By Vasim 7 Comments
Cellphones, like Samsung smart phones, are in-demand because of its cheap price and easy-to-use features. It uses Android operating system, one of the leading mobile platforms in the world. Aside from being used in many devices (phones, tabs, cameras and more), Android is ready for customization as well. Users can easily download applications that improve their phones.

If you are a writer looking for a smart phone. Android phones are a must for you. Aside from its easy-to-use features. It is also perfect for customization. Loads of applications can be installed to easily help you plan stories, write contents, meet deadlines and even help you avoid writer's block. Thee are also wide designs, and sizes to choose from.

It is stressful to be a writer because ideas don't just come in and they are always pressured to submit outputs on time. It is physically and mentally demanding as well. To help writers, here are few Android applications that writers should install on their smart phones.

1. Writer :

Away from your keyboard? Not an issue! Thanks to Writer, you can now finish your articles or stories on your smart phones. It has user-friendly buttons to helps you in navigating the applications. It also automatically sync your saved files to your Dropbox or Box.net account for future reference. Lay-outing your work is also easy thanks to its easy to edit features. Sorting your work is a breeze too.

2. Rory’s Story Cubes :

Having a hard time in generating ideas for a story? This fun and interactive game, can actually help you. Rory’s Story Cubes has various cubes that you shake and roll. Each cube has different images and your task is to patch all the images to form one storyline. This is very helpful if you are stuck on your novel. Aside from getting the writer's block away, it also inspires you to devise new plot twists. Too bad, this tool isn't for free. You can get it for $2.25 USD.

3. Wattpad :

Many writers get inspiration from reading. Search through hundreds of e-books from the most famous writers to help you get inspiration. It even has unpublished books that you can also read. Of course, you can also publish your own e-book. The best thing about this application is you can connect with a community of like-minded people who can inspire you to be a better writer.

4. EverNote :

Writers are have hectic schedules, but with EverNote, your daily activities are now easy to manage. Researching on-line becomes easy thanks to EverNote Web Clipper. Sketches, voice recordings, to-do lists can be easily made and stored through this application.

5. SimpleMind :

Ironically a writer's mind is not that simple. To sort all information that they need in writing, here is a great mind mapping tool to help them. Mind mapping or brainstorming is a great writing strategy to create great ideas and sort loads of data. The application uses simple drag and drop function for easy usage. This tool is also helpful to help writers avoid writer’s block. If writers work with a plan (thanks to SimpleMind) it becomes easy to continuously write and meet deadlines.

6. Plot Generator :


Since Android supports Google Play, try this useful tool in creating stories and arranging plots. It provides you with a location (or situation) a detail, a complication and an objective. The application offers 530, 000 possible combinations of these key elements, which you can use to create a story; or improve the story that they are already writing. Students working on their short stories can also benefit from this tool.

With writers' busy schedule, installing these mobile applications on their handy devices, ensures that they job becomes so much easy. No deadline too short nor project too hard, thanks to these Android applications.

Author's Bio :

Diana Walls is a freelance writer, currently taking her MBA in Communications. She is currently working as a writer for au essay on time.
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