28 July 2015

How to Clean Your Dirty Smartphone

By Vasim
Cleaning the smartphone can be a very tedious task as it requires a lot of patience and effort. But if you do want your device functioning and you want to keep its longevity to the fullest amount, you should endeavor in little cleaning every once in a while. After all, it’s not spring cleaning, it requires much less devotion and it will not fully consume your time. Take a few minutes out of each day and sit down with your phone for some maintenance. Here is some advice to make the cleaning easier and to help you not break it during the process.

How to Clean Your Dirty Smartphone

According carpet cleaning company in Kensington a microfiber cloth and some cotton buds – both are ideal for cleaning smartphones as they are soft, and can absorb quite a lot of dirt and cleaning product all the same. Do not use paper towels as they might tear and then the cleaning job is doubled as you have to also find a way to remove the pieces of paper from your smartphone. 

Now turn the phone off, because you do not want to force a sudden shutdown. Dip the cloth in warm water and squeeze out as much water as you can until the cloth is simply moist, then wipe off the grime and grease from the phone’s surface. Wipe both the front and back, and be gentle when wiping the screen. Speaking of the screen, you might want to remove the screen protector to clean the actual display, and then carefully place it back to avoid those annoying empty-air spots. You might want to look for a case protector as well – the best way to keep your smartphone clean is to prevent it from ever getting dirty. After the warm water scrub, get a disinfectant and wipe the phone with it – one thing you should know is that you have to keep your smartphone germ free. After all, you spend most of the day holding it, and parts of the day sticking it to your ear, and you want to avoid any kinds of bacteria going there.

How to Clean Your Dirty Smartphone

After that crack open the case – you might want to consult your user manual first, check for manufacturer advice about cleaning the inside, and be careful not to void your warranty. After you successfully open up the case, make use of the cotton buds, dip them into your chosen cleaner and gently start dabbing about the inside. Don’t forget to remove your SIM card and SD card as well so that you don’t damage them in the process. Being gentle is the key here – such devices can be very fragile and you need to take good care of them. When finished wiping, use a dry cloth to soak up any remaining liquid inside, place back the SIM and SD card, put the battery back, and close the case.

Congratulations, now you have a clean smartphone! Now you should focus on keeping it clean since you do not want to repeat this process more often than you should. And you should do it regularly, yes. Once in a month, at least. After that you will not have to worry about dirt being the problem to a broken smartphone.
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10 July 2015

How To Change IMEI Number on any Cell Phones

By Vasim
We today in this guide will show you how to change IMEI number on your Cell phone for free very easy. This is software tooland to use is need to download on your computer, we will give this tool for free. On many other sites this service is need to pay, but we here have this service hacked. To use this software is very easy, in five steps will show you how to change IMEI number on your cell phone. The IMEI code is "International Mobile Equipment Identity" Number and any Phone in the world have this code. In many situations this code is 15 digit number. If is happen your iPhone to be lost or stolen the ban on this phone will be put on the IMEI code.This is the police on the cell phone companies, the this make if is happen your iPhone to be losted or stolen, now they will stay the phone on blacklist for using and Unlocking. 

Change IMEI Number on any Cell Phones

How to Change IMEI number

Is very important to change your IMEI code on your iPhone. Big thanks on this software, will help to get other IMEI code on our phone. This is the some how to go in the market and to buy new cell phone. This software will change your IMEI number blocked in new clean and Unlocked IMEI code. If make this your Phone will be Unlocked and will work normally. When wil do this only is need to make restore update on your device to be activated your new IMEI code, and this is all need to do. Then will work on any Sim card, any carrier network int he world.

The procedure to do this is very easy, first step is must to know our old IMEI code, to find is very easy, for this have only two options.

•    Step 1: click on your keyboard *#06# and click OK.
•    Step 2: Go in settings -> General -> and your IMEI code is here.

Now we when have our IMEI code, in many situations is 15 digit number, but some phones have and 20 digit number code. Bellow will explain to you all steps to do this process.

Change IMEI Number on your Cell Phone

This software tool is available on Windows, Mac and for any mobile devices how Android and iOS. On old Phones how Symbian system not work.

•   Download the software tool for IMEI changer Number
•   Unzip the tool and start on your PC, if use on your Phone directly ony is need to start.
•   Connect your Phone via USB Cable.
•   In the form is need to add your IMEI code, and click Start button.
•   Is need to wait five min the process to be completed, for this process is need to be connected on internet.
•   When will be completed your device will reboot.
•   Now make restore update on your device to get the latest OS version and this is all.

With this process your IMEI code will be replaced with new code, but clean and unlocked. Not is need to use Unlock Sim card service. This is very nice software and for free. We like on our readers to give the best and helping information.
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4 July 2015

Most efficient way to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on any iPhone

By Vasim
Some time ago a new method was discovered which can be used to bypass iCloud Activation Lock from iPhone or some other Apple devices. In case you have forgotten your iCloud login credentials with this method you can easily remove the iCloud lock from iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPhone 5S, 5C and iPhone 4S.

The method which I am recommending and it is the most efficient way to remove the iCloud is known as Bypass iCloud Activation Lock. It does not matter which firmware version your iPhone has, it works for all even on the latest iOS 8.4.

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock via IMEI code

But before you proceed be cautious because there are many places on the internet which offer the Bypass iCloud Activation lock tool. But if you want to be completely 100% certain that your iPhone will be unlocked from iCloud you should download it from us. We offer the Bypass iCloud Activation Lock tool for free download and use and we have prepared easy step by step instructions on how to use the tool.

The introduction of Find my iPhone feature which previously was characteristic for MobileMe is really incredible feature which allows the users maximum security of their devices and gives the opportunity in case you lose your device or is being stole to detect and track the location and thus easily find it. Moreover, if you do not have the login credentials for iCloud it would be impossible to use the iPhone.

Best Bypass iCloud Lock Service

But still even though the iCloud and Find my iPhone are amazing additions and upgrades for the iPhone still there is some disadvantages. Many people nowadays share common problem while buying their iPhone devices from second hand source. They do not have the iCloud login credentials and thus are being denied access to their devices. This can be really troublesome because Apple offers to remove the iCloud lock only if you have the original receipt. That is why many people are searching for alternative methods.

That is why the Bypass iCloud Activation lock has become so popular. It is available for free and it allows you to easily remove iCloud account and create a new one. SO if you want to remove the iCloud lock from your iPhone do not wait any longer and try using the Bypass iCloud activation lock tool. It is really amazing.

The Bypass iCloud Activation Lock method has run thru vigorous testing for the iPhone series and up till now it has been tested for the latest iOS 8 version as well. So far it was confirmed that it is possible the use the Bypass iCloud Activation Lock method on the iOS 8 for IPhone, iPod and iPad.

Bypassing the iCloud Lock on iPhone 6 is very simple task. There are many tutorials and guides on how to do it properly and you can find them available for free on the internet. You do not have to be quiet the computer expert to Bypass iCloud lock; you just need some basic knowledge.

In addition, currently there is in circulation a hack tool which can be used to efficiently remove the iCloud lock from iPhone 6 and other Apple products as well. Still even though the hack tool is available for free download and use on may websites beware because not all of them can be trusted.

From personal experience I came to realize that on many sites you will be tricked into clicking on some false link which will navigate you to some spam sites. They may even try to steal personal data from you or extort money. So be careful. The Bypass iCloud Lock works for any iPhone model and there is always a proper guide on how to use it.
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