14 November 2013

Foray Into The Cloud Future and See What It Holds

By Vasim

If you’re to go by some of the latest reports that have come in regarding cloud computing, then you’ll realize that almost 49 percent of the business executives look at the whole cloud business as a rather strategic measure when it comes to their businesses. Forbes again says there’s another 40 percent that have actually gone on to ask their IT departments to conduct a thorough research. This research will be essentially directed towards how the cloud technology can be effectively used in the business domain. Well, it’s more than obvious that there has been an increased fervor in cloud computing and along with it the various ways in which businesses make use of the cloud.

Certain Noticeable Trends in The Cloud World

Take a look at the following noticeable trends when it comes to the world of cloud computing:-

1.    The cloud performance bit:

When it comes to meeting the demands as far as business computing is concerned, then cloud vendors these days are mostly focused on the platform performances as well as the cloud applications. When it comes to the world of cloud evolution, then the concern here has been to make the functional and available factors more viable and effective. The idea is for the vendors to actually compete on the basis of performance as far as attracting customers is concerned.

2.    The hybrid cloud factor:

Now that various companies are migrating their operations to the cloud domain, hence they’re more inclined towards choosing multiple cloud platforms instead of relying on any sole vendor.

3.    The high tech cloud bit:

This is again for those companies that are rather tech savvy but have a tight budget. Here there’s the scope of being able to create their own infrastructure in the cloud essentially. Actually the cloud companies have evolved to such a level that special hardware requirements are being met here. This gives companies the scope to have far more sensitive operations in place.

What The Future Holds For The Cloud

Here are certain things that the future holds for the cloud :-

1.    The art of balancing: Performance being one of the most pertinent factors when it comes to the cloud technology, companies in future might be given the option of choosing the performance they want for a specific operation.

2.    The Big Data Service: Fact that companies of almost all sizes are using large data sets for the purpose of making products and marketing decisions, there is a future prospect of analyzing this data on cloud itself.

3.    The payment for cloud: When it comes to cloud computing, then in conjunction with the performance operations, there’s a new model in the making wherein customers would be paying for the performance and space used.

Yes, the world of cloud computing has some noticeable trends to sit up to and more to consider in the near future. This technology is here to take business operations to the next level altogether. So if you haven’t adopted this yet, then go for it now!


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