10 July 2015

How To Change IMEI Number on any Cell Phones

By Vasim
We today in this guide will show you how to change IMEI number on your Cell phone for free very easy. This is software tooland to use is need to download on your computer, we will give this tool for free. On many other sites this service is need to pay, but we here have this service hacked. To use this software is very easy, in five steps will show you how to change IMEI number on your cell phone. The IMEI code is "International Mobile Equipment Identity" Number and any Phone in the world have this code. In many situations this code is 15 digit number. If is happen your iPhone to be lost or stolen the ban on this phone will be put on the IMEI code.This is the police on the cell phone companies, the this make if is happen your iPhone to be losted or stolen, now they will stay the phone on blacklist for using and Unlocking. 

Change IMEI Number on any Cell Phones

How to Change IMEI number

Is very important to change your IMEI code on your iPhone. Big thanks on this software, will help to get other IMEI code on our phone. This is the some how to go in the market and to buy new cell phone. This software will change your IMEI number blocked in new clean and Unlocked IMEI code. If make this your Phone will be Unlocked and will work normally. When wil do this only is need to make restore update on your device to be activated your new IMEI code, and this is all need to do. Then will work on any Sim card, any carrier network int he world.

The procedure to do this is very easy, first step is must to know our old IMEI code, to find is very easy, for this have only two options.

•    Step 1: click on your keyboard *#06# and click OK.
•    Step 2: Go in settings -> General -> and your IMEI code is here.

Now we when have our IMEI code, in many situations is 15 digit number, but some phones have and 20 digit number code. Bellow will explain to you all steps to do this process.

Change IMEI Number on your Cell Phone

This software tool is available on Windows, Mac and for any mobile devices how Android and iOS. On old Phones how Symbian system not work.

•   Download the software tool for IMEI changer Number
•   Unzip the tool and start on your PC, if use on your Phone directly ony is need to start.
•   Connect your Phone via USB Cable.
•   In the form is need to add your IMEI code, and click Start button.
•   Is need to wait five min the process to be completed, for this process is need to be connected on internet.
•   When will be completed your device will reboot.
•   Now make restore update on your device to get the latest OS version and this is all.

With this process your IMEI code will be replaced with new code, but clean and unlocked. Not is need to use Unlock Sim card service. This is very nice software and for free. We like on our readers to give the best and helping information.


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