5 August 2015

Know Everything about Reseller Hosting

By Vasim
A reseller host works in-between a web host and a client. It purchases the services of a web host and gets the authority of selling them further to different customers. They purchase the server space on wholesale basis and sell it among different clients, possibility to earn the profits. Reseller hosting lets you enjoy the facilities just like a dedicated server. You can customize the server space in the way you want, other clients might share the server space, but they cannot interfere in your website’s performance. Linux reseller hosting is the most widely used web hosting technique. Check out some of its more advantages.
Reseller Hosting


•    Act As a Virtual Private Server - A reseller host works as a virtual private server. It means you can enjoy all the services of a dedicated server on a shared server. The space on this virtually dedicated server can be divided and customized the way you want.

•    Support – With a virtual private server, you don’t have to worry at all about the maintenance of server. Your service provider will take care of it. Just dial the number if you face any problem regarding server’s performance and everything will be sorted out.

•    Attractive Discounts – By choosing this hosting service, client can bargain on pricing of different packages. Reseller hosts also keep on introducing different discounts to the market in order to attract customers.

•    More Control – A reseller host lets the client to use the resources as the way he wants. The owner can set the bandwidth limit for a particular area as much as he wants depending on the requirements.

Many companies provide services of powerful Linux hosting. You can easily find information about them on the internet. Take care while choosing a reseller host for yourself. Some of the important key features of a reseller host are given below; just take a look at them.

Reseller Hosting

Key Features of a Good Reseller Host

•    Advanced infrastructure and good uptime guarantee
•    Money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction
•    Number of packages to choose from
•    Powerful hosting control and admin control panel
•    Provide unlimited domain and advanced email hosting feature
•    Easy to use control panel

Linux reseller hosting is the most preferred reseller hosting in India. Its advanced features and reasonable prices make it favorite for masses. Choose your reseller host wisely and enjoy all the benefits of having a virtually dedicated server.


Reseller hosting is the best option if you are looking for benefits of a dedicated server, but at the same time you don’t want to look for the maintenance of the server. Look for a reliable reseller web host that will be able to provide powerful Linux reseller hosting. Also, don’t forget to look into the benefits of this hosting technique mentioned above.


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