23 November 2013

Poll Results: Which is the best Smartphone to buy at present?

By Vasim

This blog had run a poll which got recently closed. Poll was based on the best Smartphone to buy at present. Peoples, Mobile lovers were asked to choose the best Smartphone and we have come up with following results for the polling.

Poll Results: The best Smartphone to buy at present

Samsung Galaxy S-IV

Samsung Galaxy S-IV is very good smartphone recently in the market. The features and specifications are very good compare to other smartphones. Samsung have maintained their position in the android phone market.

Poll Result: 56%

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 gets second position in the poll which has been taken at this blog. iPhone 5 has its own value in the market. It also have very good features and specifications and the Operating system is different than the Samsung phones.

Poll Result: 25%

Blackberry Z10

Blackberry Z10 is also a very good smart phone launche by Blackberry. They have maintained their own market in the mobile industry. The features and specifications are good.

Poll Result: 12%


HTC One is also a good smartphone present in the market. HTC have good features and specifications. HTC is new brand getting popular recently in the market.

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Poll Result: 6%

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