13 August 2014

Using Social Media to Find Guest Post Opportunities

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Social media consists of a number of platforms where you may make contact with a lot of different people. The way you make contact will vary from platform to platform. For example, with Twitter there are people that can see your micro blogging (your tweets), whereas with YouTube they see your videos and may communicate back via the comments. Here is how you use social media to find guest post opportunities.

Social Media

Remember that social media is a place where people communicate

If you were at a party and started to network, then there is a chance that you would have some interesting conversations that would lead to various opportunities. If you keep this sort of attitude about you when you are on social media then you may see similar opportunities. Do not resign yourself to the idea that you are just hunting for blogs to post on. There may be a website being set up as a directory for guest posting blogs and people may be interested in gaining supporters. Or, there may be a writing circle you can join that have a network of their own blog posts.

Search out the profiles of people with blogs

This is as difficult as it is easy. It is difficult because where in the name of Greek Argos do you start looking. You cannot exactly type in the word blog to see what happens (though you could try it). Getting started is difficult, but on the other hand it is easy because a massive amount of bloggers spend a lot of time promoting their blogs on social media. It is almost as if there is a space in the middle, where you want to find blogs, and bloggers want to find you, it is just about finding places where these two forces meet (and frankly social media is as good of a place as any).


Look at blog lists to find social media widgets and see where they lead

If you are having problems finding blogs then use the blog search tool that Google has. It shows you all the places where you can find a blog that relates to your Google search. It is good because it specifically leaves out thing such as Wikipedia and eCommerce websites.

On other peoples blogs you are going to find attempts to link social media and their blog. It may be done with links to their social media profiles, but it most often done with widgets of different varieties. Follow these widgets and you will find their social media profiles. On their social media profiles you may start to engage with them a little. You can talk about their blog and stroke their ego a little. Once you have buttered them up a little, you can start to suggest over social media that maybe you could guest post for them.

The blog search tool is the best way of doing this sort of thing because you can search for blogs that are similar to your own. Getting links from websites that have the same target audience as you is a good idea because it makes your blog more search engine friendly. It even makes their blog a little more search engine friendly because Google takes outgoing links into consideration these days.

Comment and engage with people on their social media profiles

You can bounce around the social media networks and start commenting on peoples social media profiles. You can ask people about guest posting opportunities and you can cuddle up to people that have blogs and see if you can convince them to let you guest post. You can be all sweet a lovely to them and explain how you may both help each other reach the top of the Google search engine results pages.

Ask other people where the best guest posts are

This is not as nutty as it sounds, even if you are just casting questions into the online social media atmosphere. For example, if you ask questions with your tweets on Twitter, then there are always a handful of people that are willing to throw a few answers at you. If you are lucky then people will tell you where directories exist that contain blogs willing to allow guest posts.

You can do the same on Facebook and Google+. You can even try a few bookmaking sites to see if any good blogs have been bookmarked that also allow guest posters to upload. If you play around on social media for long enough you are bound to come across some useful information without having to try too hard.

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