21 September 2013

How to Resolve Program "Has Stopped Working"

By Vasim

The message must have often encountered if you are a true game downloader. Well the error message is very annoying, after you download the game in hopes the game can we play soon. The error even when on the run with error message warning the program "Has Stopped Working". Did you know that when most likely the actual error message appears because your PC has gone wrong? there may well cause problems in the software. could be due to registry errors, virus, or a driver problem. So to overcome these problems, try the following tips:

Step Fix:

1.Press Windows + Pause break, or if you are still confused, Control Panel> System and Security> System. it will appear as shown below

 2. Go To "Advance System Settings".

3. Once open then in "Performance" click on "Setting"

 4. Then check "Turn on Deep all program and service except" residence add a crash program. then click open.

 5. Is complete, well now try to re-test the program that had an error Has Stopped Working.

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