8 January 2014

Keyboard Spills Cleaning Guidelines

By Vasim
Spilling things on keyboards is one of the most common accidents that occur to computer and its components. It is a nasty and sticky situation that usually ends in replacing your current keyboard with a new one. But don’t give up on your keyboard! There is hope. You can find a way to fix the problem, but you need a little faith, patience and… cleaning guidelines!

Patience and faith are up to you; as for the cleaning guidelines, you can count on us! Here we provide for you a few steps that will guide you through the cleaning process of keyboard spills. Just stay with us!

Now… let’s get started

Almost everybody faces the keyboard-spills situation and if it hasn’t happened to you yet, sooner or later your time will come! So be prepared! Read our tips to cleaning spills and make sure you preserve your keyboard for as long as you can.

We know that you may be tempted to buy a new keyboard at first, but wait! Your keyboard might still be working! Just because you spilled some coffee over the item does not mean you should throw it away. Give it a wash as soon as the spill occurs.

The problem with spilling liquids on keyboards is that they get in between the keys and cause a lot of damage, which can be defined as “not working buttons”. In a word, when you are typing, letters don’t seem to show up on the screen. This may be the moment when you decide to screw the machine and get a new one as you don’t want to waste time and effort cleaning. It surely is going to take some time, okay, lots of time and effort, but it’s worth the try.

As a starter, make sure you unplug the keyboard. In order to get things done, you need to disassemble it. You may have to remove the keys. This will ensure that no remaining liquid will damage the machine from inside.

Unscrewing the keyboard may take some time, as it has a number of screws that hold all parts together. When you are done disassembling the gadget, wipe down each piece individually and lay it down on a dry towel. Mop every single drop! Once you go over all the parts, let them dry for a couple of days just to be sure that every drop of water is gone forever.

CAUTION! Before you start removing the keys, one by one, take a picture of them. It will help you get things in the right order when you are ready to reassemble the keys.

When you remove the keys, take a cotton swab and wipe down the key sockets using distilled water. After that let them dry. When sufficient time has passed, put the buttons back into place.

Now that you are able to use your keyboard again, just try typing something to ensure that it works properly. If this is not the case, clean the keyboard one more time.

If what you spilled on the keyboard isn’t too much of a concern and you believe not much of it or none at all got inside the keyboard, then you can restrain from disassembling the gadget.

Just take the keyboard over the sink and shake it to remove any liquid that might have stuck inside. Turn the machine upside down. After that wipe down with a dry cloth. When you are done, lay the keyboard on a towel to let dry completely. It has to be turned upside down. You can also use a hair dryer to blow the surface and the space between buttons. It may take a few days until you are able to use your keyboard again.

If after doing all this your keyboard still doesn’t function well, you can go for purchasing another one. But at least you have tried!

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