24 September 2013

Some Useful Tips To Maintain a Virus Free Computer

By Vasim
Are you fed up with the number of viruses infecting your computer? Then here in this interesting post you will find me telling you about how the various worms, viruses and spywares find their way into your precious computer. Most of the time, they are harmful probably aiming to steal your personal information. In this case, we are more concerned about those that could cause your computer to hang up. Follow these six easy to do tip that can free your computer from viruses.

1. Emails:

This is the most of the common way through which spywares, worms, Trojans and viruses find their easy way into your computer. When you have your own private emails, increase the privacy settings and never ever open unsolicited and unknown emails, as they may be the source of the much awaiting harms that can damage your whole computer. To avoid this harming your computer, use very good anti-spam software. Never click links in e-mails if you are not sure what are they.

2. USB thumb or pen drives:

This is another and most common source that could affect your computer in a number of ways. The best option to avoid this from happening is by performing a virus scan before copying any data onto your computer and another small tip is not to double click the pen drive for opening. Use right click to open or explore the files in the drive before opening is the best alternative.

3. Use of MS Outlook:


It is not known that MS Outlook could be a source and the best way to spread and hack into your computer, unless you have a real time antivirus programs running. Alternatives to MS Outlook will include the use Windows Mail (which can even identify spam emails from known sources), Pegasus of thunderbird, or web based programs like hotmail or Yahoo.

4. Internet or World Wide Web:

Even a basic computer user knows that internet is the best way to spread viruses like pandemic and are the main sources of malicious programs like viruses, worms, Trojans, etc., which can range up to 80 percent of the worldwide transfer during surfing of the web. By following some of the best surfing habits this danger could be waded off, which will include by not clicking the pop-up windows or by using pop-up blockers.

5. Search Engines:

Most of us surf the web using mostly with the help of search engines, and one of the best ways either to prevent from visiting malicious website from being listed in your search or to point them out when listed, is by installing some powerful scanners like AVG Link scanner, which is a free ware. Even Mozilla says if a site will harm your computer or not.

6. Use a good antivirus:

If you are looking for one solution that can do most of the jobs mentioned so far, it is also good for preventing from someone else stealing your personal information like online identity, credit card information, password stealing and many other such activities. So always use a powerful antivirus.
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