1 March 2014

4 Subtle Ways to Promote Your WordPress Blog

By Vasim 18 Comments
WordPress is the best option for the newbie bloggers to get their blog live on the internet. If you are new in blogging and confused in choosing the best and easy to use CMS, then without wasting your time go for the WordPress.
Now you have created and started your own WordPress blog, you are using WordPress CMS and its features easily; now what???

It's time for you to promote your blog. Promotion!!! Why? This is one of most common questions which comes into the newbie blogger and they are not aware of how to promote their blog in proper manner.

In this post we will learn 5 subtle ways to Promote your WordPress Blog.

1. Create Quality Content

Any Blog, no matter, whatever is the niche of that blog, it will never lack in the content neither in concept nor in the amount of content in it.
If you are aware of recent trend of SEO, then you must be clear about the quality of the content, today "Content is king" and SEO has become more than content oriented.
People like to read post that teaches them something so, post content on your blog with the title “How to”, “Top list” and other types of interesting posts.
Your content must contain information that your reader cannot get that information anywhere else. Your content post must be well structured, spelling and grammar mistakes free and for the better results the content must be very interesting from the starting to the end.

2. Guest Blogging

It is the best method of driving free traffic towards your blog. Guest posting is the best way to gain maximum exposure to your blog after submitting your content to the other blog of same niche. Most of the guest blogger provide author bio section at the end of the post where you can get link on your blog or on your social profile.

3. Social Media

Social media have variety of users and it is the best place to get maximum exposure to your blog. After you finished with your killer post just share it on your social profile including main Facebook fanpage, Google plus community, tweet about it and Pin it on your board.

If you have not build strong community on your social media profiles, then your post will fall flat.

4. Search Engine optimization

Without SEO a website or blog is nothing instead it is just a blank paper nothing written on it. SEO is one of the most important parts of blog promotion that ranges from the on-page SEO of keyword research to the off-page SEO of Blog submission to different website.

On-page SEO is the initial step you need to follow before writing any post. Choose the right keywords add attractive description and take care about the other things like keyword density, heading tags distribution, etc.

Off-page SEO includes submission of your post to high quality websites to get quality back links for your blog. There are several off-page SEO techniques such as Social bookmarking, Forum posting, Article submission, etc. Always watch out for the quality not on the quantity.

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Arbaaz Khan is a tech savvy writer, he is also the owner of Tech Plus Reviews mainly writes on WordPress Tips & Tricks. Writing is his stress-reliever and he strives to do his best in the said craft.
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8 January 2014

5 Effective Tips to Tackle Duplicate Content Issues

By Vasim 2 Comments
duplicate content

Duplicate content is a problem because search engines will tend to punish you for it. They do not want people using the same content because it makes their search engine results less useful. If people are clicking on their search engine results and finding the same text then people are going to stop using that search engine. Duplicate content may come about for a number of reasons, so here are a few tips to help you avoid or recover from search engine penalizations.

1. Check the type of duplicate content you have

Locating and figuring out what type of duplicate content you have is imperative. There is the type where people have copied your content, but it is also possible that you have copied the work of another (knowingly or not). There are many bugs that may cause your website to have duplicate content, and there are things such as boilerplate text that are also classed as duplicate content.

2. Try to remove it from the other domains

This means going to the other domains and asking them to cease and desist. Start out in a friendly manner for two reasons. The first is because the website you are about to contact will probably take down the duplicate content the second you make them aware that it is duplicate content.

The second reason is because most web masters are not the ones copying your work. Usually it is the writers they employ that have stolen your content. There are ways of getting around plagiarism detectors. If you go in all angry then the web master will probably react with anger at both you and the writer they employed.

3. Fix any bugs that may be causing such a problem

There are quite a few commonly seen bugs that will create duplicate content problems. The most common involves printer friendly malfunctions. This is where the printer friendly pages are set out incorrectly and it looks as if you are mirroring your own content on your own website. This is still classed as duplicate content and your website will be penalized for it.

You should do bug check on a regular occasion. They often appear through many page refreshes and updates. After a while you end up accidentally creating bugs and there are quite a few that end up looking like duplicate content.

4. Use "noindex, follow" to stop content being indexed

This is a method you may use to stop Google from crawling your content and indexing it on the search engine. If you have content on your website that you know is plagiarized then add in the “noindex, follow” code and it will not be indexed. This will stop you from being penalized by Google.

5. Be wary of your boilerplate content

This is content such as copyright notices and tag lines. Many people put terms and conditions or copyright notices at some point on their page. They are okay in moderation or if they are only small pieces of text (such as the copyright word and date), but any larger and they are classed as duplicate content. The most prevalent is the logo and tag line.

A lot of people will put their logo on every page and follow it with their tag line. If you are planning on doing this then write your tag line on the home page or the about us page and then every time it appears make sure it is within an image. If you put your tag line into an image and then place it besides or under your logo then nobody will know the difference (it should look the same). However, the search engine cannot read the tag line if it is on an image so you will avoid the duplicate content penalty.
No duplicate content

Item descriptions are another place where content is duplicated. Firstly, do not ever use the manufacturer’s descriptions because they are already online. Secondly, you either need to write a whole new description for each item or you need to find a way of getting similar items on one page.

Amazon and EBay have gotten around this by allowing people to click drop down menus to pick size, color, shape, etc. It allows the seller to put all of the details onto one page and sell directly from there. It means they do not have to write out hundreds of different web page content snippets. It saves time and is still search engine friendly where Google and the Bing/Yahoo search engines are concerned.

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My name is Sonia Jackson. I write for http://www.royal-essay.com that provides well-written and quality essays and research papers for college and university students.
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30 December 2013

Website Design Strategy to Increase Conversion Rate

By Vasim 145 Comments

Conversion rate is one of the barometers of your site's success.  Together with other forms of statistical information, the conversion process signifies the actual number of visitors who did not only visit your web site but who completed the desired actions such as an order. Hence, the higher the conversion rate, the greater income for you.
A nicely built web site appeals to visitors and fosters interest to remain at your website. Style and design is the appearance that creates impact whenever a customer arrived at your site, so it is vital to create a user friendly web site. There are plenty of ways to enhance conversions but in this article i will give attention to web site design to increase your conversion rate.

•    Simplicity and User Friendliness   

The prettiest layout can be completely worthless if a person gets lost and closes the page as a result of confusion. Your goal should be to build a site that is very easy to navigate so your visitors may finish only a few simple steps before the purchase. The ease-of-use of your web design has to be taken into account by the web designer when building a web site. The more user-friendly the site design is the simpler it is to navigate, and the easier the user can interact with it.  Do not forget that a user is like a driver and your site is like a map. Have the map uncomplicated so he is able to arrive at the destination quickly.

•    Corporate Colour Scheme

The developer must retain the corporate colour of the company since the website represents the company. Picking simple but attractive colour scheme is preferable than using way too many colours.

•    Visibility of Links and Buttons

To begin with, make certain that all crucial links and site buttons are noticeable. don't fear creating big and vibrant buttons: the truth is the consumers desires to see them and they value this option. Think also of the most appropriate text.  The phrase “buy” will work more efficiently than merely the word “add”. Some people dislike scrolling down the page. This suggests that it's better to squeeze the navigation keys within their reach.
In fact, the shorter time an individual eats up on navigation he can spend even more time on the actual buying. Therefore your task is to make your site as easy as possible. Simply put, make your site guest feel at home! Creativity is a plus, however in order to increase conversions, typical web page designs are definitely worth trying. The purchasers will depend on previous browsing encounter although he may happen to stumble at your site unintentionally.

•    Call to Action Button

The main objective of your sites’ content and design is to teach your users. After becoming aware of your products and services, the consumer may opt to contact you. To obtain leads, a web owner should have to specify a very convenient space intended for call to action within a page. The call to action buttons need to mirror the users' anticipations.
When your guests complete the orders form, they may be going through a hard task of finishing it. Your main goal is to optimize your website to ensure that they can easily complete all the necessary steps. Verify if the questions are understandable and clear. It's advised to emphasize the in-line errors so that the purchasers will immediately notice what they need to correct.
With such simple ideas above on improving conversions through website design, you will make more money and create a lucrative online business.  This proves the value of website design to increase your conversion rate.

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The AUTHOR is an experienced blogger and SEO specialist. He loves to write and share his experiences on blogging and Search Engine Optimization. He is also a contributing writer to www.essayjedi.com.
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