2 September 2014

Infolinks : Best Plugin to Monetize Your Content

By Vasim 2 Comments
Infolinks is an organization that gives in-content publicizing. In-content publicizing is basically a promoting result that organizations will decide to target particular essential words on an article, website page, blog entry, or anything truly that will connect guests over to their promoted item, webpage, administration, offer, or whatever the case may be. Infolinks goes about as a center man in this procedure and they make it truly basic for you to profit off of in-content publicizing. You don't need to go out there and make manages organizations to profit through in-content publicizing by transferring connections onto your site, Infolinks does that and you profit from it.

For Publishers

Infolinks drives new revenue for publishers by delivering intent-based ads in non-traditional web places. Select from a range of elegant and innovative ad units that best suit your needs, fully customize their appearance and easily add them to your site with our 1-minute integration plugins.
Infolinks ad units include:
  • Inframe

Capitalize on browser margins with attractive display ads.
  • Infold

Engage users with an overlay ad unit most relevant to the user's intent.
  • Intag

Display a tag cloud of keywords relevant to your content.
  • Intext

Monetize inside the lines by highlighting your best keywords.
infolinks infold

For Advertisers

Infolinks empowers advertisers to reach consumers with highly targeted, intent-based ad units. Our ads appear in non-traditional, yet effective placements to increase engagement and overcome banner blindness. Why burn your budget on ads that consumers nearly universally ignore when Infolinks delivers 30x the engagement of standard ads? Create your own campaign in minutes using our simple Self-Serve Marketplace, or contact an account manager to help you get started.

Advertise with Intent

  • Target consumers based on intent, to achieve a higher response rate.
  • Powerful Engagement
  • Serve ads only to hand-raisers – people who are truly interested.
  • Make the Most of Your Ads
  • Budget efficiently with competitive pricing and real-time bidding.
  • Global Reach
  • Join the platform delivering billions of monthly impressions across 100,000+ sites in 128 countries.

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29 November 2013

Schedule Content With WordPress Plugins

By Vasim 3 Comments

Many people think that it's rather easy to be a blogger. Many people are wrong. I'm not going to delve into the problem of how hard it is to make it through all the steep competition and how many people actually try and fail. You need to be familiar with the grounds of the blogging community, you need to know what in the world you're doing and you need to produce top-notch content on a regular basis. But I'm not here to talk about how tough being a blogger is. I'm here to describe the wonder of scheduling content plugins and the way they make the whole process much easier. When you're a blogger, it's sometimes difficult to keep the content up. Some days you just don't feel well, or don't feel like writing at all. Other days you're just too busy to upload the content in your blog. Even if you're accepting guests posts, it can still be difficult. Worst of all, some days you have the time and energy to write a lot and come up with lots of content, but by the end you're too tired upload it. Whatever the case, scheduling your content is the perfect way to deal with the situation.

Before you start flaming, I know that WP has a native scheduling system, but that thing has been due to an update for ages. It's slow, clunky and has limited options. Instead of using it, you can always download some additional plugins and make your life a bit easier. And when I say a bit, I actually mean a lot.

Time Release

Let's face it, we all get lazy sometimes. It's in our nature, we can't help it. Especially when you're running a blog for a living, it's easy to get carried away and do anything for a few days. This is bad, though, because you can lose readers and ad revenue rather quickly. If you don't want that happening, there is an easy solution – write a few extra posts when you have some time in excess, then queue them up in Time Release and the plugin will publish them one by one, in order of queue if you haven't posted anything for a given number of days.

You have to save your posts as drafts when you're queuing them, though, because Time Release is quite particular about that. The “pill” icon for showing you which posts have been queued is an interesting choice. Overall, it's a great plugin but you really need to be careful.

Automatic Post Scheduler

Automatic Post Scheduler is even better because it basically creates an automated editorial plan of the times you will publish your posts. You see, instead of publishing a post right away and letting you post two posts in a row, it automatically schedules the second post's publishing. Then, if the interval is too small and the plugin schedules the publishing of the second post sometime in the future, if you really want to publish it right away, you can do so because you can easily override the plugin. It's a neat tool because of its level of automation. It's easy to use and saves you a lot of work. Generally takes a lot of the work you should do manually and automatizes it.
If you prefer having more direct control of your content, then Time Release would be a better option for you. If you're looking for a plugin to take as much work from your hands as possible, then Automatic Post Scheduler is just for you. It all depends on your preferences. 

Author Bio:

Rose Finchley manages the site of http://www.bestcleanerslondon.co.uk/carpet-cleaning-putney/ and that gives her the knowledge and experience which she would like to share with the others.

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