4 October 2013

How to Make Facebook Safe

By Vasim

Is Face book safe? Yes, if you use the new Facebook privacy controls. Facebook makes a perfect vehicle to network with your friends. You can share personal information with people you trust. However, without the necessary Facebook privacy controls, all private data will be accessible. Someone can simply find your Facebook account by Googling your name. Luckily, Facebook privacy controls has introduced settings to give you more control of what information is accessible.

You may think simply solely giving your information out to trusted friends will be enough to in sure that private information is safe. However, this is a mistake. Your Facebook profile is logged in search engines thus making it available to millions. Even your updates are public information. Facebook privacy controls are a grand step in the right direction. This article hope to help you keep your Facebook details private.

Step 1: Use Control Sharing

1. Click the Account menu located in the top right.
2. Click View Settings.
3. Customize access by setting access controls.
4. Select level of privacy options in the drop down menus.
5. Save settings.

You will have levels of access from everyone, friends only, friends of friends and anyone in your network. You may opt to use a more custom setting. However, friends only is the most secure setting is the friends only option. To return to the first menu click “Back to Privacy” in the top left.

Step 2: Protect your Album


One of the most sensitive items to share is photos. To protect your photos from public viewing. Follow the instructions below:
1. In the privacy settings window, click custom
2. Choose Customize settings.
3. Choose Edit album privacy.
4. Select the privacy option to control who has access to your photos.

Step 3: Bury Your Contact Information

Your contact information can be easily found on Facebook as well as search engines. All someone has to do is enter your name in a search engine to find you and your Facebook page. You can stop this by using the public search option.
1. Under Contact Information, select the option for drop down menus to “only me”.
2. Go back to Privacy, Click Back to Privacy.
3. Click Edit your settings, under Applications and website, un-check pubic search.

Remember to treat your personal data as a precious commodity. Your information can be mined and sold to the high bidder or simply stolen and exploited by spammers. Using the Facebook privacy controls, should give you a whole new level of security.


We understand about how to make Facebook Safe. Hope you like my post.
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  1. Yes, Facebook is awesome but without care it can turn into a nightmare. Thanks Vasim Tamboli for this great blog post. I found it useful and I think other Facebook users will too.

    1. Thanks a lot for your compliments Akoli Penoukou. Keep visiting my blog and share my post with your friends.