12 January 2014

11 Trending Essential Website Designs

By Vasim
Some websites trend because they are very popular, and others trend because they employ some new or popular techniques that are big at the moment. Here are eleven minimalist designs that are trending very well at the moment. For some of them it is because they have employed a very good web design technique, and for others it is because they have taken a new and attractive slant on the minimalist idea. All of them are trending well at the moment.

1. BLT Brands

This is a very nice website for the fact that it has a very good image to start with. It has layers with make it more energetic, and it even has a hand that shows you where to scroll. The pretty picture is probably the biggest draw for most people. Others may simply enjoy the fact that they have mixed intricacy and simplicity so well.

2. Ink and Spindle

This is a web store that has a very nice home page. The website works with scrolling pages, but also has quite a few trending ideas on it. You may enjoy its dynamic photography, and its responsive movement. It is a sophisticated website design that many people enjoy and find fascinating at the moment.

3. Oxydo

They have used a minimalist design on this website, even though it has a picture of a guy on it. It is all about how the eye is forced to look either at the guy, or the skewered logo in the middle. The skewered logo is actually a little hard to see, which may be why the idea works so well. You are drawn to the logo because it is harder to see.

4. We Are Moving Things

You may love this design and you may hate it. The website design has been taken down to a very flat and minimalist feel. It uses bold colors and white text in order to make its point. Some say that they have put a lot of movement into what is both a flat and minimalist design. The movement that you see is literal animation.

5. David Breustedt

This is a website that is made up of colorful blocks. It may not be to everybody’s taste, and may have a touch too much of the modern artist feel about it, but still it is very popular at the moment. It is blocks of color with simple images in the middle with a sort of post modern feel about it.

6. Name That Uniform

This is a very flat and fairly simple design that many people enjoy. It has a background that is all grey, and then has an image in the middle. The title is at the top in black, and it has a very simple premise behind the website that lends itself very well to the design. It is a well designed website.

7. Grafik

This is a website design from a design studio. It is nice how they have balanced contrast and still paid a lot of attention to detail. The oversized layout and the funky way it is layered is rather good. It has chunky contrasts whilst also featuring delicate lines that you can enjoy. The way they have arranged their text boxes is also good.

8. The Mobile Index

A website that continually scrolls is another trend that is going around right now, and this website does it quite well. It is still a minimalist website, but it has a nice continuity of design that has won it a few points with its online reputation. It has created a nice intriguing effect on the website.

9. Instnt

This is a website that has really gone for the minimalist thing by having most of the website home page as white and pastel colors. This makes the logo and the home page title a little clearer, as it is in black. The logo on the website will respond to how you move your mouse cursor around the screen, which makes it all the more pretty.

10. Gigantic Squid

This is a website that has used a very large picture as the base of its website design. It shows a large cargo ship at sea, with a tagline about seeing the gigantic squid. The company uses imagery such as this in most of their designs in order to create a loud impact in a quiet way.

11. Minimal Music Quiz

This is a rather complex idea that has been put into a website that is minimalist. The way that they have done it is very clever, and goes to show how the complex may be hidden behind minimalist design. The minimalist website focuses on the aesthetic of the website, whilst the imagery is quite nice too.

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