23 October 2014

Review : Gmail New Features

By Vasim
Gmail - The best mail service provided by Google. Day by day the no. of users of Gmail are increasing very rapidly. Google every time tries to update the UI of their products to attract user. They always gives best to their customers by changing and improving quality of their product. Now they have updated their Gmail’s Look to enhance the quality. Let’s take review of new features

Customized Tabs 

Customized Tabs

Google have added new tabs to their Gmail as Primary, Social, Promotions and Updates so that it becomes easy for user to get access to their email with particular category.  New customizable tabs put you back in control so that you can see what’s new at a glance and decide which emails you want to read and when.

Google Plus Share

Google Plus Share

Google have recently added new button for sharing on Google +. If we have to share any information while writing mail with Google+ then this is amezing feature.

Videos calls 

Video call

Want to turn any conversation into a video call with up to 10 friends then it will be possible now with Hangouts in Gmail. Then add apps as well as effects to enhance the fun of video call.

Easy Composing 

Email Composing is now easier than previous one. Here new window opens in previous window with small size and direct image can uploaded without any scaling, better composing and faster upload.

Input Tools for Changing Language

Google now gives choices to user that in which language he wants to write a mail. Just click the bellow icon
present on right side. It gives options for selecting the language or if you want to add your language then you can also add.



Google added this feature for customized themes. User can change their mails Inbox theme as they want from the variety of customized available themes. Google provided lots of themes with various categories like Colour Themes, HD Themes, Custom Themes, and Classic Themes etc.

Storage Space

Google gives each and every user 15 GB space to store their data. Google Plus, Google Drive, Gmail having this one master space so user can easily use their data in these different applications.

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