10 May 2015

Review: iOS 9 And Its Latest Invention

By Vasim
Apple has always been the target of the market. It has become our priority to see off and on updates of iOS, iPhone, iPad and so on. When it comes to iOS 6, iOS 7,  iOS 8 and now iOS 9 is going to release soon.

Apple is now all set to give us iOS 9 with upgraded features. With more speed, Apple is launching its latest products like iPhones and iPads. This is unstoppable chain.

iOS 9
Apple has been celebrating its victory with per release. I am sure iOS 9 has more good stuff to offer.
Do notice some updates we are likely to have in iOS 9.
The features may vary from my updates but you never know I am very close to my guesses.

1. User Accounts

The idea of having user account will solve the purpose of having privacy for your images, IDs and some official details you want to hide. If this feature will be there in iOS 9 then really it will be winner. What if you can log into iOS with user name or account. What if there will be privacy for the bookmarks, apps and media content. There should be such account, which can prohibit anybody from seeing your personal images and your social sites.

2. Video Messages with Face Time

This feature is made for managing the issues like if you want be connected with your closed one when you are apart  then video messages will help you immensely to stay connected.

3. Group FaceTime Calls

The pre loaded Face Time calls are in great use when you have number of people more than two for the conversation. It promotes group conversation whether it is professional or personal.

4. Pre-loaded apps can be deleted

It is somehow not required to have those apps which is unnecessary for you. You cannot like every apps you have sometimes you need keep your phone less loaded with apps for the fast browsing. When you will have privilege to delete those apps then this ability will be appreciable and can be expected from iOS 9.

5. Home screen

Tech is at its best. This is certainly great if there would be the privilege of Home screen widgets. Life seems to be easier if you have weather widget for enjoying the background of the Home screen.

6. Local Siri

When you have net connection then Siri can work perfectly. Sending voice command back to HQ through back-end servers of Apple. If your mobile network is not working even you can send message then this is something everybody need.

7. iMessage with more upgradation

This really irritates when you are unable to send message via text if the signal is not supporting. In that condition, you need to go through long process of taping and selecting Send as text.
iOS 9 Apple

Apple developer is giving us more what we human deserve. Tech is moving faster more rapidly. I am waiting for ios 9 beta release.
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1 May 2015

Microsoft Lumia 640 XL - What makes it unique?

By Vasim
The Microsoft Lumia 640 XL comes with 5.7 inch high definition display and cram a camera of 13-megapixel. This Smartphone comes with large format to offer exciting window phone experience to the users. Some of the features which make the Microsoft Lumia 640 XL to stand unique among other recently invented smartphones are its resolution, processor, internal memory, camera and many more. The overall design of the Smartphone makes you to feel its first class features. The fit and finish of the smartphone makes it to look fabulous in your hands. It comes with unique features and highlights like most powerful battery, highest camera resolution, display size and design features.

Microsoft Lumia 640 XL


The design features of Microsoft Lumia 640 XL are similar to other Lumia Smartphone found in the market. Other than that, this Smartphone comes with plenty of fruitful colors and hence the body is constructed with chunky plastic aka polycarbonate. As a result the phone obtains a solid feel rather than offering gaudily glossy or cheap feel like other branded smartphones. The industrial designers of Microsoft have included several pleasing design in the Smartphone along with myriad of straight lines. The phone consists of sharp edges which will stick into your hands, creating it easy to hold. The size of the Smartphone is only 9mm and weights 171 grams and it is known as the largest phone by any measurement.


This unique Smartphone is created to meet the needs of the customer. The display size of the smartphones is about 5.7-inch that includes IPS glance screen along with crisp resolution of 1280 x 720 pixel. The display comprises of natural looking colors, excellent viewing angles while the phone is viewed from off-axis as well as civilized brightness even in the direct sunlight. Other than that, it is developed with Corning Gorilla Glass three and arrives with sunlight readability developments. In terms of display settings, the user can manually standardize the Lumia display according to their liking. The larger display settings are suitable for watching videos, viewing text and more other works. In addition to that, broad display is quite useful for composing word documents and managing excel sheets.


This smartphones is powered by means of windows phone 8.1 which is outstanding than android phones. You can make use of twitter and Facebook apps by making use of this software and get quality and utmost user experience. Windows phone is considered to be a competent OS as it has top place in the marketplace due to its utmost performance and functionality. Among all other OS, windows phone seems to be the simplest among all others. By means of windows phone 8.1, it even receives an android style warning shade. Since, its start screen seems to be dynamic and it is always busy with comprehensive information.


As per the modern standards, the wonderful Lumia 640 XL is operated on a frugal hardware. It is powered by the processor of 1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 as well as backed up by RAM of 1GB which offers it with smooth finish and fast function, thereby providing a stunning user experience. It comes with the latest windows phone 8.1 versions in addition to that; it flawlessly includes Microsoft office experiences like word flow, Lumia denim update, live folders and many more. This Smartphone processor offer faster performance than other phones operating on ageing processor. The code based window phone is extremely different compared to the android version so as to offer faster and smoother experience to the end users.

Microsoft Lumia 640 XL


The Microsoft Lumia 640 XL not only possess big screen and excellent performance but also comes with 13 megapixel camera to suit the needs of anybody who looks to make most out of video and photos. The Lumia 640 XL stands out at shooting high definition videos. Since, you can also shoot 1080 pixel videos at 30 fps. Moreover, you are sure to capture shake-free vides with top notch audio. The user can also manually modify the focus while shooting videos. In-build Skype integration as well as 5 megapixels front-facing camera is available to seamlessly switching between video and voice calls. You can stay in contact with your friends and family all over the world. The camera is significantly impressive even in dim-light scenarios which offer you high quality pictures beyond your expectation. The wonderful Lumia camera app is Selfies which is greatly possible with the support of broad angle lens.
Internal memory:
The Microsoft Lumia 640 XL also comes with internal memory of 8GB and you can also include additional storage of 128 GB by extending the memory by making use of microSD. The smartphones users also have the capability to access 30 GB cloud storage of free onedrive easily by upgrading images into their account.
Network and connectivity:
The Microsoft Lumia 640 XL provides fast LTE connectivity and it also comes with 3G variants to meet the needs of end users. Furthermore, this Smartphone also comes with both single-SIM and dual-SIM features in both LTE and 3G options. The connectivity features of this Smartphone consist of microUSB 2.0, Bluetooth 4.0, micro SIM, DLNA, beidou and glonass.


The wonderful Smartphone comes with extended battery life since it is one of the impressive features of this device. The 3000mAh battery along with prudent Qualcomm Snapdragon paves way for stunning battery life. Typically, this Smartphone comes with additional charging power which last for about 28 to 30 hours. The phone will never get ruined its battery within the period of 24 hours. The phones comes with 17.5 hours of battery in talk-time mode whereas in standby mode is last for up to 36 days.

Overall verdict:

The Microsoft Lumia 640 XL is extremely well designed and features phone. The performance measures of this Smartphone are well sufficient. Other than that, battery and camera are extremely superb. The windows phone OS makes it to stand top among all the phones. It is a solid budgeted phablet, if you want for battery, camera and fundamental Smartphone functionality.
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7 March 2015

5 Awesome Characteristics of VPS Hosting that Can’t Be Overlooked

By Vasim
VPS hosting is indeed among the rapidly growing hosting platforms in the online industry. Ever since hosting via cloud became one of the mainstream business practices, people have shown a sharp drift towards implementing it for the sake of gaining complete control on their online portals and paving the way for a substantial revenue generation. Investing in a hosting plan driven by VPS is, without a doubt, a smart choice that can return you some rich dividends while establishing a firm online identity of your business in the cyber marketplace.
Rounded up, below are 5 major traits of VPS hosting that are just enough to compel you towards procuring it to supplement your online website. Have a look.

VPS Hosting

5 Important Characteristics of VPS Hosting

1.    Much Affordable   

The biggest advantage of hosting your website on a VP server is that you save on costs substantially. As opposed to dedicated servers that charge you considerably, in addition to entailing a huge amount of processing power, VPS servers are downright affordable.

2.    High Degree of Efficiency

Apart from being an inexpensive choice of hosting, VPS servers provide a high degree of scalability, flexibility, reliability and security that automatically translates into augmented efficiency. If your server is running a multitude of applications at the same time, VPS server is your hosting choice for sure.

3.    Better Control

Since in VPS platforms, servers are divided and the load is distributed, you get to have a better control on all the resources of the server. Each portion of the server is dedicated to a particular website that dictates into a remarkable share of resources available at the server.

4.    High Configurability and Flexibility

VPS platforms for hosting are usually available in several configurations, which means you can choose the server as per the prerequisites of your online portal. Furthermore, several service providers offer customized hosting solutions for the VPS platform, so that you can cater to the hosting requirements of the website as per its magnitude and the volume of traffic it encounters. 

5.    Unparalleled Support

VPS hosting plans are usually backed with a robust customer support service that is highly knowledgeable and practiced enough to resolve issues with the server in a quick fashion at your behest. The technicians are available round the clock that means your problems with the server will be addressed regardless of time and location constraints.

The above mentioned are 5 remarkable characteristics of VPS hosting plans that you simply can’t ignore. If you have a website that necessitates an efficient hosting plan, VPS server is undoubtedly your choice.
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3 February 2015

Review : The Best Video Players for iPhones

By Vasim
If you are currently using an iPhone which you most probably are, there are a number of advantages that one gets from having such mobile phones and one of them is that you are able to watch videos that would have otherwise been only played from a PC. The mobile application developers have surely made life a much easier process since we get to handle some tasks right from our phones without having to do them from the computers unlike years ago. However the use of iPhones to play the videos is usually sometimes quite tricky as most of the videos are usually not crated in the format which they can be played by the iPhones and most of the times the iPhone users are required to first convert the videos to versions that are playable by the iPhones. This process is usually tiresome and you may end up not watching the video simply because of such complications. Since we understand how important it is for you to get to play the videos you wish to on your iPhone we have come up with a comprehensive list of the best video players for iPhones that do not require you to convert the videos, you just have to download the app and you are able to play any video on your iPhone without experiencing any difficulties.

Video Players for iPhones 1

The AVPlayer app

This is one video player app that has become very popular among the iPhone users simply because of the great features it offers its users. The app has the capacity to play videos that are in formats that cannot be played on iTunes which is feature that every iPhone users looks for in a video player since there are many videos that exist out there and cannot be played on iTunes and this hinders them from having the opportunity of viewing the content of those videos. The app has the capacity to play videos in high dimension as well as play videos that are in formats such as the AVI, MP4, MKV, 3GP plus a whole lot of other formats that we cannot exhaust now. The app also offer its users with the opportunity to use the subtitles menu option for videos which they may want and therefore ensures that they are able to get the full content that was intended by the video in question.

Video Players for iPhones AV Player

The CineXPlayer app

This particular app has become popular mainly because of its ability to support the AC3 codec applications. The player is very useful in playing quite a variety of video formats that include M4V, MP4, 3GP, XVID, AVI, AC3 and many others. This great diversity of the number of video formats that it can play ensures that the user of this app is able to play virtually any type of video file with ease without having to perform various conversions of the formats. The app also has special features where the user can opt to protect the folders by imposing passwords on those particular folders with those video files. With the ability to add video files to this app using the DropBox, iTunes or even the Wi-Fi you will definitely be in a good position to watch all your video files from your iPhone using this app.

Take a look at Smartphone App Development: iOS vs Android


I do not think there is any computer literate person that would claim not to know this video player app. It would be very appropriate for one to describe this app not even as one of the most popular video player apps but in fact as the most popular video player. Although initially designed to be used on desktops the application developers also built a version to be used on the iPhones and it is a very interesting app to have in your smartphone. You can download free full movie downloads for iphone. The app offers the user the opportunity to customize from among many other options the option of adding brightness as well as saturation of the image. With this app in your phone, you will be able to watch your videos just as you would like. Its ability to resume play from the last stop when you closed the app and its ability to play all the video formats makes it reach the same standards as the other video player apps and it is therefore very appropriate to consider this app as not only as the most popular video player but also as among the best video players.

The OPlayer app

The developers of this app offer their clients with the option of either downloading the free version, the paid version for the iPhones and a relatively higher costing paid version for the iPads. The app has a special feature that is quite unique that enables it to play very heavy videos without experiencing any difficulties and this ensures that the users are able to play any type of videos regardless of the size of their sizes. The app also gives the user the opportunity to put some passwords on the folders with the video players that you would not want any other person to get access to. With the features of giving the user access to apply subtitles and also the supportive feature of all the video formats. This video player will surely make your video watching process a much easier process.

Video Players for iPhones 2

The nPlayer

The most feature that you will be obvious to you once you plan on getting this app will be that this app is relatively expensive to have in your iPhone and although this is the case it actually does give you value for the money you spent for it. The app supports various video formats and the option of various different subtitles and you also get the chance to personalize the text effects of the words of the subtitle where you can put your color favorites on the words that appear at the bottom of your screen.
Now that you have access to the some of the best video player apps you certainly have the opportunity to enjoy all the video you may possibly want to watch on your iPhone. Watching video has now been made much easier and you should take this opportunity and take advantage of this opportunity.

Author Bio: 

Prerna Puri  is a tech lover, an avid fan of Android, Loving the OS since very first Google Phone. She  writes  to help Android users find best free applications and Games. You can contact her on whichisthebetter.
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23 October 2014

Review : Gmail New Features

By Vasim
Gmail - The best mail service provided by Google. Day by day the no. of users of Gmail are increasing very rapidly. Google every time tries to update the UI of their products to attract user. They always gives best to their customers by changing and improving quality of their product. Now they have updated their Gmail’s Look to enhance the quality. Let’s take review of new features

Customized Tabs 

Customized Tabs

Google have added new tabs to their Gmail as Primary, Social, Promotions and Updates so that it becomes easy for user to get access to their email with particular category.  New customizable tabs put you back in control so that you can see what’s new at a glance and decide which emails you want to read and when.

Google Plus Share

Google Plus Share

Google have recently added new button for sharing on Google +. If we have to share any information while writing mail with Google+ then this is amezing feature.

Videos calls 

Video call

Want to turn any conversation into a video call with up to 10 friends then it will be possible now with Hangouts in Gmail. Then add apps as well as effects to enhance the fun of video call.

Easy Composing 

Email Composing is now easier than previous one. Here new window opens in previous window with small size and direct image can uploaded without any scaling, better composing and faster upload.

Input Tools for Changing Language

Google now gives choices to user that in which language he wants to write a mail. Just click the bellow icon
present on right side. It gives options for selecting the language or if you want to add your language then you can also add.



Google added this feature for customized themes. User can change their mails Inbox theme as they want from the variety of customized available themes. Google provided lots of themes with various categories like Colour Themes, HD Themes, Custom Themes, and Classic Themes etc.

Storage Space

Google gives each and every user 15 GB space to store their data. Google Plus, Google Drive, Gmail having this one master space so user can easily use their data in these different applications.

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21 October 2014

Review : Asus Zenfone 5 vs Moto G 2nd Generation

By Vasim
Hello everyone...!!! I had searching for latest android mobiles then I realised that currently we have lots of choices for android mobile. There are lots of companies like Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Motorola, Asus, Karbonn, Micromax, Xolo etc. And each one have its own collection of mobiles having different features and specifications. So its very confusing that which mobile should buy. After that I came to two smartphones called ASUS Zenfone 5 and Motorola G 2nd Generation.
Lets take review about both mobiles.

Asus Zenfone 5

Asus Zenfone 5
ASUS Zenfone 5 runs on the Android OS. Certain ASUS cell phones additionally come furnished with two unique sorts of the Android OS, they are - Kitkat and Jelly Bean. The Intel processor lets your phone handle various tasks. The dual carrier and HSPA+ consistently provides for you fast downloads. An added advantage of the Zenfone's camera is, without any flash it can catch up to 400 percent all the more light. With Intel Atom processor and a power-efficient antenna design, these phones give long battery life. They are additionally outfitted with HD IPS show for a shocking symbolism. TruVivid technology gives you a chance to encounter an enhanced clarity and lively shades. ASUS phones are embedded with Gorilla Glass 3 that makes it scratch-safe. The Corning Native Damage Resistance technology enhances the thickness of the screen surface and diminishes the likelihood of horizontal splitting. They are additionally outlined with SonicMaster technology to give extreme the sound experience.

Zenfone 5

These phones additionally accompany Pixelmaster engineering which is a mix of programming, equipment and optical outline that gives astounding picture quality. For staggering illustrations and Q Enamouring gaming background these phones are upheld by Intel Inside. ASUS's Glove Touch innovation makes it workable for you to utilize your phone actually when you have gloves on. Intel Atom Processor with Intel Hyper-Threading innovation makes your skimming, downloading applications, along these lines on brisk and simple. Moreover, gimmicks incorporate double SIM, double standby, touch responsiveness, music players, 3g, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, optional cam, essential cam, 8 MP essential cam with glimmer. Zen embellishments ensure your phone in any situation. Zen case provides a colourful and ceramic touch to your phone. They are also available in attractive colours.

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Moto G 2nd Generation

Moto G 2nd Gen
The Moto G 2nd Generation is the highly successful Moto G. With a 5-inch HD screen and an incredibly fast Quad-Core processor, you can expect a smooth smartphone experience wherever you go. The Motorola G 2nd Generation is the first intelligent mobile phone in its classification to offer a 5-inch HD display. Appreciate music and videos on this awesome display that gives you unique top quality all plenty of time. The mobile phone is also properly secured with Corning Gorilla Cup which gives you extra protection from everyday scrapes and scratches. Experience the quality of a complete radio stations system audio as the Motorola G features two sound system on the front of the cellphone. Whether it is your music or video clips, the cellphone will play your media in complete radio stations system audio.

The Motrola G 2nd Generation cellphone comes with a highly effective Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processer with 1.2GHz quad-core CPU and innovative design that let you change back again and forth between programs with convenience. Go an entire day without having to recharge your phone thanks to the Motorola G's 2070 mAh battery power. The Motorola G 2nd Generation features Android's 4.4 KitKat os, which is the newest software in the market. This smartphone is fixed with an 8MP primary camera and 2MP secondary camera. Apart from the inner storage space, the Motorola G comes with a MicroSD port that allows you to flourish your storage space even further. Save more images, films, video clips and songs with this awesome development function. Enjoy free songs in the air with the Motorola G's FM Stereo function. You can now track in to your favorite FM channels everywhere you go. This cellphone is WiFi allowed, enabling you to get connected to the internet when there are open WiFi systems in the area. You can also exchange press to other gadgets via Wireless 4.0. This cellphone comes with a vicinity indicator which changes off the display when you are on a call. The accelerometer manages the alignment of the cellphone and helps with movement game playing.
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3 December 2013

Dhoom:3 The Game - Review and Features

By Vasim 5 Comments


For all the fans of Dhoom, here is the first in the series, action packed, thriller Dhoom:3 The Game. Dhoom:3 movie anti-hero and zoom through the streets of Chicago on your Super Bike as you evade ACP Jai Dixit, Ali and the Cops. With simple Tilt and Tap controls, enjoy hours of fun filled action in this 3D endless racing game.

Its very interesting game to play on your android phone. You feel good while playing the game.The Cops are out in full force & there's just one way out! Ride hard and fast through the streets on your Super Bike battling heavy traffic, cops, pursuit helicopters and more! Use the Nitro power-up to reach extreme speeds and leave everybody in your trail! Trouble ahead? Blow away everything in your path with the Sonic Pulse & keep the Chase up!


*State-of-the-Art Graphics for an awesome gameplay experience on Android Smartphones and Tablets!

*Responsive Accelerometer and Tap Controls to steer you to victory!

*Collect Coins In-Game and use them to buy cool bikes, racing suits and Power-Ups!

*Hit extreme speed with Nitro boosts, clear your way with powerful Sonic blasts and become invincible with Shields.

*Race up the Leaderboards and show everyone you are the master of your destiny!

Additional information:

Last Updated : 24 November 2013

Size : 29MB

Current Version: 1.0.2

Requires Android :2.2 and up


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5 November 2013

Samsung Galaxy Star: Specifications and Review

By Vasim 2 Comments


Galaxy Star is a very important smartphone. In many ways, it is more important than the likes of Galaxy S4, iPhone 5 and HTC One that are usually in limelight.
With a market price of less than Rs 5,000, this is the cheapest Android phone from a big company like Samsung. Unlike many other affordable smartphones that run two or three years old versions of the OS, Galaxy Star is powered by Jelly Bean (Android 4.1).


Operating System:Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
Technology / Frequency Bands:GSM : 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM : 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Battery:Type: Li - Ion
Capacity: 1200 mAh
Standby: 320 hours
Talktime: 840 mins
Dimensions:104.95x58x11.9 mm
Weight:100 g
Colors:Black and White
Display:Size: 240 x 320 pixels
Type: Color - TFT
Colors: 16000000 colors
SIM Card Type:micro SIM
Memory:Total storage : 2GB(Internal) 32GB(Expandable)
RAM : 512 MB
Camera / Imaging / Video:Camera: Yes 2.0 Megapixel
Resolution: 1600x1200 pixels
Zoom: Yes
Flash: No
Secondary Camera: No
Connectivity:Bluetooth: Yes
Irda: No
Wlan/Wi-fi: Yes
USB: Yes
Data:GPRS: Yes
3G: No
Internet Browsing: Yes , Android Webkit browser
Media:Audio Playback: Yes
Video Playback: Yes
Ringtones: 64 polyphonic MP3/MIDI/WAV/AMR
FM Radio: Yes
3.5mm Headphone Jack: Yes
Messaging:SMS: Yes
MMS: Yes
Email: Yes
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