23 August 2018

Apple vs. Android, Which Side Are You On?

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Apple vs Android. A debate that has been around for the better part of the decade. A debate that eclipses all others including Cox Internet Plans vs Comcast Internet Plans, mayo vs peanut butter and Coke vs Pepsi. Its often very hard to answer any of those questions. People choose on over the other based on their personal preferences. As iOS users and they are loyal to Apple. Ask Android users and they maintain it’s the best user experience. In this blog, we won’t be promoting one over the other. Instead we will be looking at certain key areas and how both Apple and Android perform in those areas.


Security is an area in which Apple has the clear advantage. Its not completely impregnable but last year only 0.7% of global malware threats were aimed at iOS. This is partly due to the fact Android has more users but also due to the fact that Android is an easier target. Android users also tend to not be regular about updating their device, leaving it vulnerable to hackers. 


This one is a win for Android. Androids offer customizability in everything from lock screens to fonts. You can add or remove widgets as you please, changing the interface according to your preference. Each Android manufacturer has its own specific ‘flavor’ of the operating system, but all are fully customizable. Android allows you to tailor the user experience to your taste. On the other hand, its much harder to customize your experience on iOS since Apple holds its control measures very close. 

App Quality

Apple wins overall in the quality of apps you can download. Many apps are not available on Google Play due to concerns over piracy. Apple also has a stringent guidelines developers have to follow before getting their app approved. This ensures a measure of quality control across all the apps available on the Appstore. Apps on iOS tend to run smoothly, with fewer bugs and crashes than Android apps which don’t have the same quality. Android apps tend to have less effort involved in them because Android users tend to prefer free apps. 


Privacy is a key area in which Apple is the clear winner. Apple has always been providing end-to-end encryption for iMessage, passcodes and fingerprints that are hard to break. Additionally with Touch ID, Apple became the first smartphone manufacturer to use Secure Enclave in its processors. Essentially, Secure enclave is a subsection of the processor which stores fingerprints and other security data. What this means is that if you own an iPhone 5s or above, Apple itself cannot break into your phone. 


This one is sort of a tie between the two. For someone who’s going through their first smartphone experience, Apple would probably seem to be the most user friendly. An average person accumulates around 20 plus apps and games on their phone which can affect user experience in Android phones. Too many apps can cause Android phones to become laggy and crash-prone. Apple keeps your phone running the same way it did on the first day even if you have 100 apps. Then again, Android offers the better user experience with its flexible interface controls. No clear winner here, its all dependent on what fits best with you.


Android wins it when it comes to pricing. Android phones are much cheaper than Apple by far. Apple only has a small number of good phones and they are available at higher prices. Conversely, Android manufacturers tend to come out with smartphones of varying price ranges. When buying an Android phone, you can choose one according to the budget you have.

Innovative Hardware

Android is again the winner is in this category. Since there is fierce competition amongst Android manufacturers, they tend to go the extra mile to differentiate their brand. This has resulted in a range of innovative hardware features that you cant find in iPhones. Some examples are VR sets, IR blasters and dual SIM capabilities.


This is again an area in which Android is the clear winner. Android takes the lead in specifications like display resolution and touch screens like the AMOLED display. This makes for much clearer and sharper displays. Android phones also have better camera quality, storage capability and battery life than iPhones. With the advent of NFC, Android have stepped up their compatibility game when it comes to interacting with devices nearby.

There are tons of other areas in which the two popular operating systems compete. Both have specific strengths and weaknesses. While this blog can’t conclusively settle this debate, it hopefully gave you useful information to make your own decision. That means we can now shift our focus to other debates, such as the Frontier vs Comcast one.

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Stephen N. Mills is an entrepreneur, marketer, and writer. As San Francisco resident, he loves reading books and writing on different topics like SEO, Branding, Health and etc. That's where he finds his inspiration to author in-depth guides that teach E-commerce store owners ways to manage, grow and scale their business. In a former life, Stephen co-founded a custom menswear company which generates 6-figures in annual revenue through its website and retail
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3 September 2015

IMEI Checker Service For Any iPhone Models For Free

By Vasim
This is official apple IMEI Checker for any iPhone models for free. In this post dear readers we will explain to you the best way to find out all the info about your iPhone which are required to perform network unlock. This is all possible with our IMEI Checker tool for iPhone.

You need these information because it is impossible to factory unlock your device without them. Also, it is much more difficult to know the basic information about your device if you have purchased it from the internet or some other second hand retailer. That is why the IMEI Checker tool is so useful.

IMEI Checker Service For Any iPhone

IMEI Checker

It is easy. To get started first of all you will need to find the IMEI code of your device. Note that almost all iPhone models are supported and can be checked with our IMEI Checker regardless of the iOS version and the broadband.
To find the IMEI of your iPhone either dial the number *#06# or go to Settings-General-About.

Now that you know the IMEI code go to the service press the Check my carrier info. After that immediately you will be provided with all the necessary data required for network unlock such as:

iPhone IMEI Checker Service

•    Unlock Status
•    SIM lock
•    Network locked operator
•    First network to which your device was activated.
•    Country of Origin
•    Status of the device- Clean/Blocked/Barred
•    Find my iPhone Status –ON/OFF

When you have these information you are ready to proceed with the network unlock.  Here will Unlock Verizon iPhone via IMEI code on any carrier. So if you are having doubts about some data of your device feel free to use our IMEI checker.  It is unique and official service which does not cost a dime and it may save you precious time.

For more info or if you have questions contact our Customer support online or by sending email. We will respond as soon as possible. This is the best IMEI Checker service for free for all iPhone models.
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4 July 2015

Most efficient way to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on any iPhone

By Vasim
Some time ago a new method was discovered which can be used to bypass iCloud Activation Lock from iPhone or some other Apple devices. In case you have forgotten your iCloud login credentials with this method you can easily remove the iCloud lock from iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPhone 5S, 5C and iPhone 4S.

The method which I am recommending and it is the most efficient way to remove the iCloud is known as Bypass iCloud Activation Lock. It does not matter which firmware version your iPhone has, it works for all even on the latest iOS 8.4.

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock via IMEI code

But before you proceed be cautious because there are many places on the internet which offer the Bypass iCloud Activation lock tool. But if you want to be completely 100% certain that your iPhone will be unlocked from iCloud you should download it from us. We offer the Bypass iCloud Activation Lock tool for free download and use and we have prepared easy step by step instructions on how to use the tool.

The introduction of Find my iPhone feature which previously was characteristic for MobileMe is really incredible feature which allows the users maximum security of their devices and gives the opportunity in case you lose your device or is being stole to detect and track the location and thus easily find it. Moreover, if you do not have the login credentials for iCloud it would be impossible to use the iPhone.

Best Bypass iCloud Lock Service

But still even though the iCloud and Find my iPhone are amazing additions and upgrades for the iPhone still there is some disadvantages. Many people nowadays share common problem while buying their iPhone devices from second hand source. They do not have the iCloud login credentials and thus are being denied access to their devices. This can be really troublesome because Apple offers to remove the iCloud lock only if you have the original receipt. That is why many people are searching for alternative methods.

That is why the Bypass iCloud Activation lock has become so popular. It is available for free and it allows you to easily remove iCloud account and create a new one. SO if you want to remove the iCloud lock from your iPhone do not wait any longer and try using the Bypass iCloud activation lock tool. It is really amazing.

The Bypass iCloud Activation Lock method has run thru vigorous testing for the iPhone series and up till now it has been tested for the latest iOS 8 version as well. So far it was confirmed that it is possible the use the Bypass iCloud Activation Lock method on the iOS 8 for IPhone, iPod and iPad.

Bypassing the iCloud Lock on iPhone 6 is very simple task. There are many tutorials and guides on how to do it properly and you can find them available for free on the internet. You do not have to be quiet the computer expert to Bypass iCloud lock; you just need some basic knowledge.

In addition, currently there is in circulation a hack tool which can be used to efficiently remove the iCloud lock from iPhone 6 and other Apple products as well. Still even though the hack tool is available for free download and use on may websites beware because not all of them can be trusted.

From personal experience I came to realize that on many sites you will be tricked into clicking on some false link which will navigate you to some spam sites. They may even try to steal personal data from you or extort money. So be careful. The Bypass iCloud Lock works for any iPhone model and there is always a proper guide on how to use it.
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23 June 2015

Unlock Vodafone UK iPhone 6 5s 5c 5 4s 4 Service by IMEI code

By Vasim
In this guide will show you how to Unlock Vodafone UK iPhone 6 5s 5c 5 4s 4 to use on any Sim card in the world. Something more about the Vodafone UK service. The Vodafone UK sim card is an amazing feature that helps you store all the mobile data you want. It just requires your unique username and password to log into the Vodafone UK account. Sometimes people can’t remember their passwords if they hadn’t logged into their accounts for a long time. In that way all their information stays locked into their Unlock Vodafone UK iPhone 6 IMEI and they think that there is no way out.

Unlock Vodafone UK iPhone

Unlock Vodafone UK iPhone Service

Why the Unlock Vodafone UK iPhone is the ideal solution for your Vodafone UK Lock? On the contrary, there is a great solution for their Vodafone UK locked accounts which is called Unlock Vodafone UK Network. The Vodafone UK remover service is aimed for unlocking the Vodafone UK accounts. It is the ideal solution for you if you don’t know how to enter into your Vodafone UK account. Thanks to the Vodafone team you will be able to enter into your Vodafone account very quickly in no more than 48 hours.

How to Unlock Vodafone UK iPhone via IMEI Code

The Unlock iPhone Vodafone UK Network is one of the most impressive methods for unlocking the Vodafone UK account. It works for all the iPhone models like iPhone 6, 6+, 4, 4S, 5C and 5S. The tool can be found on a plenty of websites. All you need to do is send us the IMEI code and if it is accepted by Vodafone UK account consider it done. You have to know that this is a legal unlock made by the Apple servers. They are eager to help and unlock your Vodafone UK account.
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3 February 2015

Review : The Best Video Players for iPhones

By Vasim
If you are currently using an iPhone which you most probably are, there are a number of advantages that one gets from having such mobile phones and one of them is that you are able to watch videos that would have otherwise been only played from a PC. The mobile application developers have surely made life a much easier process since we get to handle some tasks right from our phones without having to do them from the computers unlike years ago. However the use of iPhones to play the videos is usually sometimes quite tricky as most of the videos are usually not crated in the format which they can be played by the iPhones and most of the times the iPhone users are required to first convert the videos to versions that are playable by the iPhones. This process is usually tiresome and you may end up not watching the video simply because of such complications. Since we understand how important it is for you to get to play the videos you wish to on your iPhone we have come up with a comprehensive list of the best video players for iPhones that do not require you to convert the videos, you just have to download the app and you are able to play any video on your iPhone without experiencing any difficulties.

Video Players for iPhones 1

The AVPlayer app

This is one video player app that has become very popular among the iPhone users simply because of the great features it offers its users. The app has the capacity to play videos that are in formats that cannot be played on iTunes which is feature that every iPhone users looks for in a video player since there are many videos that exist out there and cannot be played on iTunes and this hinders them from having the opportunity of viewing the content of those videos. The app has the capacity to play videos in high dimension as well as play videos that are in formats such as the AVI, MP4, MKV, 3GP plus a whole lot of other formats that we cannot exhaust now. The app also offer its users with the opportunity to use the subtitles menu option for videos which they may want and therefore ensures that they are able to get the full content that was intended by the video in question.

Video Players for iPhones AV Player

The CineXPlayer app

This particular app has become popular mainly because of its ability to support the AC3 codec applications. The player is very useful in playing quite a variety of video formats that include M4V, MP4, 3GP, XVID, AVI, AC3 and many others. This great diversity of the number of video formats that it can play ensures that the user of this app is able to play virtually any type of video file with ease without having to perform various conversions of the formats. The app also has special features where the user can opt to protect the folders by imposing passwords on those particular folders with those video files. With the ability to add video files to this app using the DropBox, iTunes or even the Wi-Fi you will definitely be in a good position to watch all your video files from your iPhone using this app.

Take a look at Smartphone App Development: iOS vs Android


I do not think there is any computer literate person that would claim not to know this video player app. It would be very appropriate for one to describe this app not even as one of the most popular video player apps but in fact as the most popular video player. Although initially designed to be used on desktops the application developers also built a version to be used on the iPhones and it is a very interesting app to have in your smartphone. You can download free full movie downloads for iphone. The app offers the user the opportunity to customize from among many other options the option of adding brightness as well as saturation of the image. With this app in your phone, you will be able to watch your videos just as you would like. Its ability to resume play from the last stop when you closed the app and its ability to play all the video formats makes it reach the same standards as the other video player apps and it is therefore very appropriate to consider this app as not only as the most popular video player but also as among the best video players.

The OPlayer app

The developers of this app offer their clients with the option of either downloading the free version, the paid version for the iPhones and a relatively higher costing paid version for the iPads. The app has a special feature that is quite unique that enables it to play very heavy videos without experiencing any difficulties and this ensures that the users are able to play any type of videos regardless of the size of their sizes. The app also gives the user the opportunity to put some passwords on the folders with the video players that you would not want any other person to get access to. With the features of giving the user access to apply subtitles and also the supportive feature of all the video formats. This video player will surely make your video watching process a much easier process.

Video Players for iPhones 2

The nPlayer

The most feature that you will be obvious to you once you plan on getting this app will be that this app is relatively expensive to have in your iPhone and although this is the case it actually does give you value for the money you spent for it. The app supports various video formats and the option of various different subtitles and you also get the chance to personalize the text effects of the words of the subtitle where you can put your color favorites on the words that appear at the bottom of your screen.
Now that you have access to the some of the best video player apps you certainly have the opportunity to enjoy all the video you may possibly want to watch on your iPhone. Watching video has now been made much easier and you should take this opportunity and take advantage of this opportunity.

Author Bio: 

Prerna Puri  is a tech lover, an avid fan of Android, Loving the OS since very first Google Phone. She  writes  to help Android users find best free applications and Games. You can contact her on whichisthebetter.
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