24 March 2017

Relation Between Games and Studies

By Vasim
This infographic explains why games should be added in the educational syllabi. Nowadays, children are grown up in an environment where they develop a continuous sense of affiliation with the modern technology and gadgets; therefore, whenever children see such things, they feel at home with them. On the other hand, if children are given formal books at very early age, not only this would be troublesome for them, but it will also reduce their learning to a minimum because they aren’t accustomed to learning from books. The most important thing that we need to consider is that games are user-friendly educational technology which children love. Their familiarity with the games urges them more and more to play games.

It is not just a blind belief that games help children in their educational pursuits, but is also proved by different research. One prominent among them is the research made by Paul Howard Jones, who discovered that how exactly games help children to increase their creativity. The most important reason behind this is that games increase the level of dopamine in the brain, and dopamine is associated with creativity. Dopamine is also associated with making connections between neurons in our brains. Thus, the stronger the connections are, the easier it will be for us to remember things. The second important attribute of dopamine is that it increases our concentration level. Thus once all these connections are created in the brain, they make the physical basis for learning.

Another important reason why games should be added in the educational syllabus is that games motivate children. It is an acknowledged fact that we do things efficiently that we like because we are motivated by our desire. In a similar manner, as children are motivated by games, this motivation can be channelized in a positive manner for learning. “When students will play games, they will be making different actions, and if some action goes wrong, they will develop the ability to accept things instead of blaming others or throwing accusations at others,” says Kyle Ward who works at Game Period. Thus, games, in the longer run, will make them responsible persons.

Games are also responsible for the skill development in children: for instance, when children play games, they develop many important skills like problem-solving, collaboration, negotiation, and communication. All these skills are very important for their practical lives. There are different types of games available for children of different ages.

Relation Between Games and Studies Co-produced by :Game Period & Vasim Tamboli
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2 December 2014

Smartphone App Development: iOS vs Android

By Vasim
You might have been studying various articles related to iOS vs Android, but in this article you are about to get lots of surprising and latest facts and figures in the single place.

There are two major smartphone operating systems iOS and Android. IOS is then developed by Apple Inc. while Android belongs to Google, the internet giant. Apple devices come in high price range, whereas android devices are available at low prices too, which makes it popular in developing countries which have low per capita income.

If we look at the popularity of these two, Out of 227 countries, iOS are the leader in 38 countries including US, UK, and developed nations while android is the global leader in 135 countries with a 80.2 % market share till Jan, 2014.

iOS applications are published on Apple iTunes and android apps are published at Google Play Store. Both app stores have the same process of publishing app, but with different fees and time. ITunes charges publishing fee of $99 for a year and approves applications within 1-2 weeks while Play Store charges only $25 annual fee and take approval time of 6-9 hrs. 

Till November 2014, there have been published more than 1.4 million android apps while more than 1.3 million iOS apps on iTunes.

There are lots more to know about android and iOS. You would know about eCommerce, mobile market, projected sales and revenue, developer’s point of view towards android and iOS, apps analysis and several other facts in the below infographic which you will find quite interesting.

Smartphone app development - iOS vs Android
Image courtesy: Nine Hertz

Author Bio:

Gaurav Sharma is a founder of Attrock.com & Antipull.com a Digital Marketing Manager at Nine Hertz and an Online Marketing-Tech Blogger.  He has expertise in SEO, ASO, PPC and other parts of Online Marketing fields. He is an enthusiast and love to explore new stuffs. 
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9 November 2014

Infographic: What are The Steps for Choosing a Domain Name

By Vasim 4 Comments

Domain Name

In all areas of your business for your blog, you put efforts into the decisions you make, and when it comes to your domain name,it is key for your business. Choosing a good name is one of the most important things you can do for blog. Whether you use your company's name or a different name when you set up your website, you have to take many things into consideration.

For your blog any trademarks, logos, and images that are a part of your blogging category and marketing scheme should be considered when choosing your domain name, and understanding the importance of the extension i.e. .com, .net, .org, or another option

It is helpful to have actionable steps to follow in order to arrive at the result you want. Bellow is an infographic that will help you to understand the complexities of choosing a domain name in a simple understandable format.
 How to Choose a Domain Name [Infographic] by Who Is Hosting This: The Blog
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20 April 2014

Infographic : Smart Ways to Combine Content Marketing with SEO

By Vasim 2 Comments

High Quality Backlinks Free
Courtesy of: Blogmost.com
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14 March 2014

Infographic : Content Marketing: How it’s going to be in 2014?

By Vasim
Content marketing is a latest marketing strategy to stay connected with their consumers. We use the content marketing for boosting the brand awareness. More details Media Mosaic

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4 March 2014

Infographic : The Invisible Agent: Illustrates the Use of Hidding Spy Cameras

By Vasim
KGBCameras has presented the infographic "The Invisible Agent" which illustrates an assortment of objects that can contain hidden cameras.The infographic has presented a list of items used for hiding spy cameras while also giving a brief description of the exact gadget that may be hidden inside. The IG also throws light on some factors to consider while choosing a spy camera.

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26 February 2014

Infographic : How To Maximize Your Wildlife Experience Using A Trail Camera

By Vasim
KGBCameras has presented the infographic titled ‘How To Maximize Your Wildlife Experience Using A Trail Camera’which has been created with the big idea of showing what a big difference the optimal usage of a trail camera can create in capturing images of wild animals.

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19 February 2014

Infographic : Smartphone App Store Statistics

By Vasim
Smartphones are now being important part of everyones life. We love to play games, use apps and think to do new and new things from mobile phone, this amazing infographic made to show the smartphone stats and app store stats of iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows phone, look into this and share your views in comments secion below:
 Smartphone App Store Statistics
Courtesy of: Blogmost.com
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6 February 2014

Infographic : Seniors' Attitudes Towards Technology

By Vasim
Technology plays an important role in our everyday lives. It is no surprise then that there are now a lot of products that cater to the needs of a specific age group, including the senior market. But have seniors already accepted technology as part of their lifestyle? This infographic, “Senior Attitudes Towards Technology,” shows how this intriguing branch of consumers behave toward gadgets and other technology-driven devices. 

From the most preferred cellphone makers to finding social benefits from it, this infographic will provide readers with fascinating and even useful information on how seniors have embraced technology in this day and age. 
 Seniors Attitudes Towards Technology [Infographic]
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16 January 2014

Infographic : The Mobile Landscape of 2014

By Vasim
Here we vasimtamboli.com provides you the infographic of "The Mobile Landscape of 2014". It gives information about 25 mobile statistics that will drive the future of Mobile Marketing.

2014 Marketing Statistics Infographic
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