21 March 2014

Top 5 Android Apps for 2014

By Vasim
As technology develops, more and more android games and applications are trying to make its way to the top. This year, a lot of free games got popular.  So here’s our pick for the top 5 android apps for 2014

1. Flappy Bird

This game has massively gained users for its simplicity. It was created by .Gears Studios from Vietnam. The main objective of the game is to get pass through the pipes. All you have to do is to tap the screen to fly and to control the bird as good as you can to not hit any of the pipes. The game play may look simple yet once you try it, it will make you stay in your seat for hours.  And the best part is you can download Flappy Bird for free.  Others find this game annoying, but we find it simply amazing.

2. Marvel Run Jump Smash

If you like hero games, then Marvel Run Jump Smash is the game for you. From the name itself, this game’s goal is to run, jump and smash your way until the end of the mission. With its simple controls, one can easily get hooked with this game. You also get to unlock some Marvel heroes as you go along the game. The main objective of this game is to collect coins, and defeat the enemies blocking your way. 

As you reach higher levels, you will find it difficult to collect coins due to the arrangement of the coins and the enemies. You also need to have an active internet connection to play this so you can connect with your friends and gain your rank in the leader board. Though you may have to pay a little to play it, the game is worth-playing.

3. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Modern Combat has just released another chapter in the market. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is another first-person shooting game you should not miss. With its high-quality graphics, not to mention the cool cinematic cutscenes being shown between levels and checkpoints, you get to feel the realistic effects of the game. The storyline is also good because you get to know the story and play the same event in the perspectives of different teams. The only thing you need to take note is that your companions easily die if you don’t know where the enemies will come from. But aside from that, this is a must-play game for every first-person shooting fanatic.

4. Farm Heroes Saga

King, the creator of the famous Candy Crush Saga, also made its way to our top 5 android apps. Aside from the cute graphics, as usual, Farm Heroes Saga has the same concepts with the first games released by King. The only difference is that its setting is now different which is now in the farm. Like Candy Crush Saga, you also have to match 3 or more of the same type in horizontal and vertical combinations. Reaching the quota per level lets you go along the game and as you progress, new kind of obstacles and pieces will come into the game. New thing about this is game is that you’ll have to fight an evil raccoon in the boss stage. This is a new idea compared to the past games made by King.

5. Squishy Birds

If you are having a hard time playing Flappy Birds, then this game is good for you. Squishy Birds requires you to squish all the birds for as long as you can. As time passes, more and more birds come into picture and bigger birds are harder to kill. Even if you can’t reach a score of 20 in Flappy Birds, you can gain hundreds of points without a sweat in Squishy Birds.

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Tori Wilson  is a movies lover. She believes that everything, if integrated with technology could be done easily. She has written some famous articles like best movie downloader for android phones. Contact me on whichisthebetter
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7 March 2014

The Most Useful Android Apps for Students

By Vasim
Nowadays almost every person efficiently and routinely uses Android apps. They became the integral part of our lives and they serve not only as a sort of recreation but even help to organize and facilitate our work. There’s a huge amount of various Android apps.Many of them are aimed at education and study, because I suppose that the most active users of apps are students. I suggest you a list of the most useful apps for students :

1. Google Translate

It is an Android app, which is a real assistant in translation of words, phrases,texts,voice, and taken pictures in more than 70 languages. There’re some functions that allow doing translations out of network connection. In proposed app it is also possible to save chosen translations and to sync ones. Google Translate is necessary for a study of high quality.


It is the app, which lets you fix class schedule. You can also save photos and notes. The handy feature of the STUDIOUS is automatic switch of your phone to silent mode during class time, which you set in the app. Due to this app you can organize your study in the right order.


This app is just a find for those who need documents’ scan quickly and on the go.CAMSCANNER is able to scan, sort scanned documents, and convert them in a particular PDF. It also upholds HD version. It is one of the best apps for scanning.


It is an accommodative note taking app. It enables you take notes both as photos and text, fix them up in online account and phone. Besides, you are able to send your own notes to friends via Facebook and Twitter. Easy in usage, this app helps you much in study.

5. PageOnceFinance

Students take pains to track their finances,and it’s difficult enough, because there’re different bills, bank accounts, loans and so on. This app gives you a chance to do it easier. After the PageOnceFinance download you can make all payments in this app as it syncs with PayPal, bank accounts, credit cards. Besides, it keeps you and your payments safe. It is a handy app to use.

6. WolframAlpha

This app is the best solution for student’s problems. Any question you ask will get correct response whether it is biology or math. Only imagine: a great encyclopedia  is always with you. It is even better than encyclopedia, because information search in this app is much more quicker and easier. Download WolframAlpha and excellent grades will find you off one's own bat.


If you are exhausted to take notes during lectures, this app can do it instead of you. It works as a quality voice recorder and indicates how much space your recording takes on SD card. Also the app sends recordings to e-mail, Bluetooth, SD card, Google and so on.  It will save your time.

8. Google Shopper

As we know materials for study are not cheap. It may add financial problems to your life along with discomfort. Due to this app,you can cope with it. Google Shopper searches necessary products at the best prices, so you won’t overpay any more. Search can be made even with the help of your voice. Moreover, the app finds goods in the shops, which are close to your place. So it is a really cool app.

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An extremely talented writer Melisa Marzett is fond of writing on such topics as traveling, cooking, fashion and literature. Melisa has witty mind and nice writing manner, that’s why she spends all her free time writing articles and blogging. It is easy to get in touch with Melisa on academic essaywriting.
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19 February 2014

Infographic : Smartphone App Store Statistics

By Vasim
Smartphones are now being important part of everyones life. We love to play games, use apps and think to do new and new things from mobile phone, this amazing infographic made to show the smartphone stats and app store stats of iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows phone, look into this and share your views in comments secion below:
 Smartphone App Store Statistics
Courtesy of: Blogmost.com
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