9 April 2014

Android or iOS: Which is The Best Operating System?

By Vasim
The Android and the iOS are both operating systems that are most commonly seen in mobile devices such as tablets and Smartphones. The Android operating system is the most used mobile operating system in the world because the iOS is Apple exclusive. This means that popularity alone cannot determine which is the best. Here is a comparison of their features so that you may decide for yourself, which is the best.

Developing apps for the operating systems

The Android is easier to develop for. This is because the Android operating system is an open source piece of software that people can access and change at its very root. The iOS has more people developing apps. This is because the iOS has more potential for moneymaking, though the marketplace for the iOS is far more crowded than for the Android.

Widgets, programming languages and release dates

The Android allows widgets and the iOS does not except in NotificationCenter. As you may know, the Android was developed by Google and the iOS was developed by Apple. The operating system family for the Android is Linux, and the operating system for the iOS is OS X and UNIX. The first release of the iOS was in 2007, and to most people’s surprise the Android was only released a year after in 2008.
Apple still had a monopoly over the Smartphone world in those days, which is why the Android was barely heard of. As Smartphone manufacturers started to catch up to Apple they started to use the Android more. That is why you hear about that Android more these days, which has lead people to believe it was actually are far more recent creation than it was.

The Android uses C, C++ and JavaScript, whereas the iOS uses C, C++ and Objective-C. Does the make the Android easier to develop for (or with)? Many may argue that that Android is easier to develop for because it has JavaScript, which is harder to make mistakes with, and that it is easier to develop for the Android because much of the operating system can be customizes, whereas you would have to jailbreak the iOS to customize most of it.

Open source or not?

As mentioned, the Android is open source and the Apple iOS is Apple exclusive, which is why you will only see the iOS on Apple produced products. However, before people start writing in to complain, there are some elements of the iOS, which are open source, but for the most part it is an Apple exclusive thing.
The Android has an auto-respond call feature. The iOS has that too, but also has a do not disturb feature and a call back feature. If you wanted those features on your Android too then you either buy a device where the manufacturer has added in the technology, or you buy the appropriate app for it.

Web browser and Internet surfing

The Android uses Google Chrome as its browser, and the iOS uses Mobile Safari. Manufacturers may put in other web browsers into their manufactured devices, and you are free to download and use other web browsers in the same way you are able to on Microsoft desktop computers.

Operating system features and market share

The Android has both tough screen and SmartWatch, where the iOS only has touch screen. The Android uses Google Hangouts for messaging, Google Now for voice commands, Google maps for maps and Google Hangouts for video chats. The iOS uses iMessage for messaging, Siri for voice commands, Apple maps for maps and Facetime for video chatting. When it comes to market share the Android has around 81% whereas the iOS has around 12%, but again this is only because the iOS is Apple exclusive and Apple mobile products make up around 12% of the market, where as lots of different manufacturing companies use the Android for their mobile devices.

The versions of the iOS and Android

The most recent version of an Android is the Android 4.4 Kitkat. The most recent operating system release for the iOS is the iOS 7.0.4. When it comes to rating the user experience then many people will put the iOS 6 and 7 above that of Android, Windows or Blackberry. But, that is partly due to the manufacturers using the Android. For example, some may say that the Android on Samsung and HTC devices is better than the iOS, but others say that the iOS beats the Android on things such as a Motorola. And, people make all sorts of claims in contrary, saying that the Motorola version is better than the iOS, etc.

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