4 January 2014

Android Applications Writers Must Install on Their Phone

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Cellphones, like Samsung smart phones, are in-demand because of its cheap price and easy-to-use features. It uses Android operating system, one of the leading mobile platforms in the world. Aside from being used in many devices (phones, tabs, cameras and more), Android is ready for customization as well. Users can easily download applications that improve their phones.

If you are a writer looking for a smart phone. Android phones are a must for you. Aside from its easy-to-use features. It is also perfect for customization. Loads of applications can be installed to easily help you plan stories, write contents, meet deadlines and even help you avoid writer's block. Thee are also wide designs, and sizes to choose from.

It is stressful to be a writer because ideas don't just come in and they are always pressured to submit outputs on time. It is physically and mentally demanding as well. To help writers, here are few Android applications that writers should install on their smart phones.

1. Writer :

Away from your keyboard? Not an issue! Thanks to Writer, you can now finish your articles or stories on your smart phones. It has user-friendly buttons to helps you in navigating the applications. It also automatically sync your saved files to your Dropbox or Box.net account for future reference. Lay-outing your work is also easy thanks to its easy to edit features. Sorting your work is a breeze too.

2. Rory’s Story Cubes :

Having a hard time in generating ideas for a story? This fun and interactive game, can actually help you. Rory’s Story Cubes has various cubes that you shake and roll. Each cube has different images and your task is to patch all the images to form one storyline. This is very helpful if you are stuck on your novel. Aside from getting the writer's block away, it also inspires you to devise new plot twists. Too bad, this tool isn't for free. You can get it for $2.25 USD.

3. Wattpad :

Many writers get inspiration from reading. Search through hundreds of e-books from the most famous writers to help you get inspiration. It even has unpublished books that you can also read. Of course, you can also publish your own e-book. The best thing about this application is you can connect with a community of like-minded people who can inspire you to be a better writer.

4. EverNote :

Writers are have hectic schedules, but with EverNote, your daily activities are now easy to manage. Researching on-line becomes easy thanks to EverNote Web Clipper. Sketches, voice recordings, to-do lists can be easily made and stored through this application.

5. SimpleMind :

Ironically a writer's mind is not that simple. To sort all information that they need in writing, here is a great mind mapping tool to help them. Mind mapping or brainstorming is a great writing strategy to create great ideas and sort loads of data. The application uses simple drag and drop function for easy usage. This tool is also helpful to help writers avoid writer’s block. If writers work with a plan (thanks to SimpleMind) it becomes easy to continuously write and meet deadlines.

6. Plot Generator :


Since Android supports Google Play, try this useful tool in creating stories and arranging plots. It provides you with a location (or situation) a detail, a complication and an objective. The application offers 530, 000 possible combinations of these key elements, which you can use to create a story; or improve the story that they are already writing. Students working on their short stories can also benefit from this tool.

With writers' busy schedule, installing these mobile applications on their handy devices, ensures that they job becomes so much easy. No deadline too short nor project too hard, thanks to these Android applications.

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Diana Walls is a freelance writer, currently taking her MBA in Communications. She is currently working as a writer for au essay on time.
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