1 March 2021

Turn My Shopify Store Into An App

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In an easy and engaging way, Mage Native lets you turn your Shopify store into a smartphone app. Build an excellent app with impressive features and amazing designs. Never give your clients a shopping experience before. Retaining current clients and retaining new ones.

Regardless of the items you sell or the exclusive offers you deliver, there are often at least 10 other stores that can buy the same from your target customer. That's where it comes into play to cater to the changing purchasing habits and most shops start thinking about how to draw the millennial that are smartphone centric. Moving to mCommerce, the answer is. The full guide to turning your Shopify store into an app is here.

Shopify is a leading website builder for eCommerce that empowers companies of all sizes to carry their products online. With over 500k+ shops operated by Shopify itself, it is easy to say that the market for eCommerce is growing and it is time to be where the customer is.

You can actually transform any of your Shopify stores into a native app if you're not already conscious (for both iOS and Android). The method of converting your Shopify store into an app is also no longer difficult. All you have to do is select the correct creator for the mobile app and join your Shopify domain.

But let's look at why you need an app for your Shopify store, and how to build a mobile app for your Shopify store, just to make sure we're on the same page.

With technology coming into play, everything you need to transform your Shopify store into an app is a smart Shopify App. Here's how to get set up and go live in minutes with your own mobile Shopify store app.

In reality, the rising usage of smartphones has led to an unparalleled growth in mobile applications. Using mobile applications, we spend 90% of our time on smartphones. This has changed our perceptions of brands and firms, including online retailers, with whom we want to connect on a regular basis.

We expect even our favorite brands to develop mobile apps for their Shopify stores instead of shopping through mobile-friendly sites. The only explanation is that shopping on-the-go, keeping track of our orders and deals that might come up in the future will make things easier for us!

But as a company operating on optimized capital, how to transform your shopify store into a Shopify mobile app is the one issue that always comes to the mind of an online store owner. Going the traditional way would undoubtedly cost more for the production of apps and take more time to go live. But then there is a better way to do stuff and get a competitive advantage on other Shopify stores as well.

Pick an App for Shopify:

You need to select a Shopify App to transform your Shopify store into an app, to provide you with a technology that allows product listing, offers your customers a smooth checkout and allows you to dive deeper into analytics to see where your purchases come from.

From the Shopify App Store, there are several choices to follow. It is advisable to search for an app that customers review the most. It will give you an idea of how strong their service is, their post-conversion facilities, and whether your Shopify store will really benefit.

Configure your account:

Sign up for an account once you have selected an app builder to turn your Shopify store into an app. Look for an app from Shopify to give you a FREE trial. This will help you measure how well your Shopify store can be converted into an app, whether it meets all your needs or whether you need to look for an alternative. Here are some aspects that you need to find out as must-have characteristics:

Enables a smooth user experience with fully native iOS and Android Apps

Seamless and totally indigenous checkout experience

Enables Apple Pay and Android Pay for each choice for checkout

Integration of the social media platform for consumer commitment

In order to keep clients alert, push notifications

Buying real-time and insights for applications

Behavioral study of consumers

Help from native languages

Supporting App Growth: Discovery, engagement and retention of the App

To the app, add your Shopify store

A Shopify app will make building a native app for your store simple for you. All you need to do is add your Shopify store to the connect. This will allow the developer of the mobile app to collect details from your product listing to get the app ready for the key categories, navigation, etc.

Personalize your app:

Preview the app created using the creator of Shopify's mobile app. To fit the personality of your Shopify store, customize the logo, banner picture and other elements to alter them. The right mobile app developer for your Shopify store will provide you with different customizations and instruct you on how to do so.

Have your app published:

Yes, having your app up and running is as simple as these 5 steps. You're all set to target 90% of mobile users who spend time on apps and turn them into clients with a new iOS and Android app.

You can impress your customers with a stunning iOS and Android mobile app, perfectly designed and built for eCommerce merchants, using app builders such as the Plobal-Mobile App Builder to help them offer the best mobile shopping experience. And it takes no more than 10 minutes to use our drag & drop app builder to get started!

Our instrument goes beyond creating just an app for your store, as one of the most reviewed and trusted Shopify app platforms. It helps you optimize it for app store discovery, equips you with the tools you need to keep your customers engaged, run loyalty programmes, enhance customer retention rates, and at the same time allow you to optimize the app of your store for faster growth and more sales

If you're still selling on another site and want to switch your store to Shopify.

If you are migrating to the Shopify Plus plan, then learn more about the migration processes and contact our folio3 development team for shopify.

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22 September 2016

Mobile App Reviews: How It Help You to Find the Best App?

By Vasim
The main objective of writing a mobile app review is to provide details about your app, so that the reader knows in-depth about your app, its feature and working.  It is not compulsory to write long descriptive reviews about your app, however, people likes to read reviews which is written in brief and to the point.

The review should provide enough details that the user knows the benefits it will provide, if he/she downloads that app.  Over the next few sections, I will now focus how the mobile app review helps you to find the best app.

Mobile App Reviews

As we know for one purpose we have many apps that work the same. The decision to choose the best among the various other app depends upon 3 things:

1. Is the app free or priced?

As per human psychology, they first search for an app which are free or at least provide free trail? The user will rarely download your app first if they see the same app being offered for free.  It doesn't mean that only free app is going to rank well over the priced one.  If your app is free, it is a good point and if your app is priced you need to first create a brand awareness about your app by offering a free trail period.

You need to also check what price you are quoting for your app is really fair to the user or not. As user always compares the app price and select the one which comes in their budget. So be fair enough to price so that no user says that this app price is higher as compared to another app.

2. What type of consumer review the app has- Positive or Negative?

After checking whether the app is free or priced, user reads the consumer reviews for sure. They never buy anything online, unless they read reviews from online review website. So your app needs to have more and more positive reviews.  Even if your app has negative reviews, you need to add your reply about that review. If that negative review is about your app drawback or non functional property about the app or function, you need to work on that and reply back with a solution.  Make sure that the people leaves reviews about your app after they had downloaded the app. An authentic review through G+ or Facebook profile makes the user believe that these are real consumer reviews from real consumer.

3. How the app review is written – Technical Term Review/ User Friendly Review?

After the checking the above 2 points, the user is almost convinced to download the app. But, before the user download the app he/she always go through the app review.  Here your role comes to write a user friendly review by not stuffing your review with all technical terms. If the user is reading your review and you have stuffed your review with all technical terms, he/she will get confused to download your app or not. Even after you app got passed through the above 2 checkpoints, your technical review can make the user not to download your app.

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So, what you need is to write a user friendly mobile app review.  Here are the few tips which will help you to write a great user friendly content and also help consumers to find the best app for their need.
•    Your Title
This is the main center of attraction in your review. Try to be precise by just keeping your title to be what your app name is.
•    Introduction Line
The very first line after your title should be small (2 or 3 lines ) introduction about what your mobile app is all about. What does this app do? How can this app help the user?
•    Feature Section
Add your app features in simple user friendly language. Try to write in bullet points with all unique features at the top.  If any feature term is new with your app, try to explain that feature in easy language.
•    Specification
Don't mix your app specification with feature section. State your app specification in different heading. You can also specify version and other technical details over here.
•    Special Points and Screenshots
Try to add special points about your app that will set you apart from the market. You can add few screenshots that will help the user to have a view and feel about your app look and other feature before they download it. These screenshot should be of high quality and clear. The screenshot will lure the people to download your mobile app.
•    Pros and Cons About the App
Try to add this section in your mobile app reviews. As people tend to know about the pros and cons any app has. Be true to user and write the authentic details about your app.
•    Chat and Support
This part is mostly not available in the reviews. However, you should provide details about online support to user. You should provide email ID or phone number to contact your team if any user is facing problems with your app.  This will build trust in user that if the app is not working they have contact details for getting in touch with the app development team.
•    Conclusion part:
Try to summarize your app details in the conclusion part. This part should be very precise and should sum up the app in just 2 lines.
•    Ending lines:
Try to add ending lines in your reviews. The conclusion is not your ending lines. Ending lines are link saying people to express your review by writing reviews about the app after downloading it. These ending lines urge people to first download it, then use it and if you like it leave a review and share this app in your friends group. This is also a unique way to get promoted at the end.


This article was all about how user review mobile app and what make them download your app and how you need to write mobile app reviews.
If you have any suggestion, what more can be included in this article, please do leave your comment below.

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