12 November 2014

How to Block Candy Crush Saga Request in Facebook

By Vasim
Hello Friends, we use Facebook as we get free time from our work. In that we play different type of games like Candy Crush Saga. While playing these games, at the start or meanwhile they ask you to invite your friends to play the game. As we want to play the game, we just go through it and invite all the friends. And due to this your friend gets invite of Candy Crush Saga Game. Nowadays the invites are increasing very much. So it’s become a headache for the user who got that notifications. So here I will show you that how to block all the notifications of Candy Crush Saga Game from your friends permanently.


1. Just go to your ‘Settings’ from the account tab as given in bellow image.
Step 1

2. Then click on ‘Notifications’. It will display you the Notifications Setting as mentioned in bellow image.
Step 2
3. Then in that click on “Edit” present in front of ‘App requests and activity’. Then it will show you the list of different apps which you will added to your account. Bellow you get the clear idea.
Step 3

4. Now in that list find the app named “Candy Crush Saga” and remove tick [v] present in front of that name as shown in bellow image.
Step 4

5. Now click on “Close” button as shown in below picture. And that’s it, you were now successfully blocked the Candy Crush Saga Notifications Permanently.
Step 5

Using this method you can also block other unwanted apps notifications.
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  1. Thanks so much for sharing the way to block candy crush saga request on Facebook
    really this trick helped me a lot, thanks :)

    1. Welcome Ankit. Keep visiting my site regularly.