1 November 2014

How to Delete File Permanently With Soft Delete

By Vasim
Hello world, in day today life while we use our PC or laptop we store our data as we need. As of need we delete the files. The deleted files are usually moved to “Recycle Bin” of our PC. If we do not delete (called Soft Delete) files from Recycle Bin then it will remains as it is. If we use “Shift Delete” (called Hard Delete) then it will deleted permanently and it will not sent to Recycle Bin. But if we use Delete and we want that file delete permanently (without using Shift Delete) without moving file to the Recycle Bin then there is also a facility available for this. Use the following steps for availing this facility on your PC or Laptop.


1.    On desktop there will be present “Recycle Bin” icon. Just Right Click on that icon and select “Properties” in the list.

Image 1

2.    Then following window opens at your desktop. Select the Drive which you want to add this facility.

Image 2

3.    Then select “Don’t move files to the Recycle Bin. Remove files immediately when deleted” this option.

Image 3

4.    After that click on “Apply” button and finally click on “OK” button. That’s it. You have now successfully upgraded the facility on your PC or Laptop.

Image 4

5.    Now if you delete any data from your Local Drive (C:) then it will not go to the Recycle Bin; it will be deleted permanently. Of course this option sometimes may be dangerous. So be careful after applying this option to your PC or Laptop.

6.    Do this procedure for other drives like Local drive (D:) , Local drive (E:) and Local drive (F:)  for applying this facility.

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