11 November 2014

How to Boost Up Start Menu

By Vasim
Now a days everyone is using his Laptop/PC for his day to day work. But everyone doesn’t know that using some simple tricks we can improve our computer's speed. When we click on “Start” Menu it takes some time to load all the applications. We always wait for loading this menu. Here I give you a simple trick so that your Start Menu will open within a second after you click on it. Let’s start the bellow steps to increase the speed of the Start Menu.


1. Click on “START” button on your desktop, and type “Run” in the search bar as mentioned in bellow image.

Step 1

2. Then it opens Run window. In that type “regedit” as mentioned in the bellow image.

Step 2

3. After that click on “OK” button. Then it opens a new window as ‘Registry Editor’ as mentioned in bellow image.

Step 3

4. After that click on ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER’. Then in that click on “Control Panel” and again in that click on “Desktop” as mentioned in bellow image.

Step 4

5. Now you can see a list of different names. From that list, select “MenuShowDelay” option and double click on that option as mentioned in bellow image.

Step 5

6. After that it opens a new window called Edit String. In that set old value “200” to “0” as given in bellow image. Then click on “OK” button.

Step 6

That’s it, now click on your Start Menu you see that the speed is increased.

Happy Blogging.

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