21 November 2014

How to Make Magical Undeletable Folder

By Vasim
While working on PC the working file will be saved in any folder. For that we create new folders many times. But if by mistakenly PC affects with Virus and it deleted the working folder, then it causes a big loss for us. Similarly, if your PC is used by many other persons, then also by mistake they delete your working folder or it will be deleted by you too.  This unknown mistake will create a big issue for you. But we can resolve this mistake. In Windows we can create a folder which will be undeleted by anyone. In this folder we can store our important files. Create this folder on the drive where the Program Files folder is present.


1.First, click on START button and on the search bar type “Run”. Then it opens the Run Window, in that type “cmd” as shown in bellow image.

Step 1

2.Then it opens a Command Prompt Window. In that type “d:” so that you can go into the “D: drive”. See the image below for clear understanding.

Step 2

3.Now type “md con\” and press “Enter”. It creates con folder in your D: Drive. You get the clear idea by below image.

Step 3

4.No one can delete this folder nor change the folder name. So all the important files and data you can store in this folder securely. If you try to delete this folder, then it will show error as shown in below image.

Step 4

5.If you want to delete this folder, then go to “Run” then open “Command Prompt Window” and then change drive to D: drive. After that just type “rd con\” and press “Enter” as shown in below image.

Step 5

6.Now you can see that the magical folder is disappearing from your D: drive.

Let’s enjoy with this trick. Comment your valuable opinion.
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